Charles vs. The 11 Best Records of 2013 Charles vs. The 11 Best Records of 2013

fu13We’re closing fast on the end of the year here and the Pinpoint Offices are bustling with rotgut strychnine buzzes, mimeographed editorial genitalia contests, intern “death” matches and some damn Japanese ghost girl giggling in the air vents so, yeah…it’s the perfect environment to safely assess the rock (and not) that was 2013 and stack up the best slabs of wax to come my way the last 365 days which you’ll find listed below in alphabetical order because when your knees ache and your nose won’t stop bleeding, determining a hierarchy is just fucking ridiculous. Rockit.

Death Grips – California Plates…I know this one just came out and so it might be skewing my short memory bias but these motherfucking agitated wunderkinds know how to make an album of art damage that rhymes with a North money shot exploding your craw.

Future of the Left – How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident…Self-satisfied fight songs and the loving considerations of pop culture choking in the hayseeds of ironic straw. FOTL came back in on the good brick tear this year in a major fucking way.

Helen Money – Arriving Angels…This year, Ms. Chesley added the thundering drums of Neurosis (in part) to her pedal-happy cellic apocalypse and the results were teeth-shattering when not cautiously serene.

Locrian – Return to Annihilation…People kept talking to me about Deafheaven this year and though I think Sunbather is a fine (if formulaic) metal endeavor, Locrian’s contribution to the sonic descent was infinitely more inspired. Cityscapes imploding from the melodious nothing to be the great carnal being? You should read Dhalgren.

Locktender – Kafka…This record, man. This record fucking gets me.

The Lovely Bad Things – The Late Great Whatever…Surf garage party punk for your dystopian futures. Good times here and then.

Lucius – Wilderwoman…I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve with Ms. Mitzi, the dogs and the darling ones of Fig & Bella. There will be cocktails and parlor games and chili. I’ll insist we keep the TV on for the ghost of Dick Clark’s tradition but when the year finally falls, we’ll be listening to Wilderwoman.

Nac/Hut Report – Angel​-​like Contraction Reverse…The innovative minimalism of Young Marble Giants succumbs to the noisome distortions of musique concrète and the erotic repetition of a Polish chanteuse and her mainstay. Fuck art at the ready.

On An On – Give In…Yeah. I’m a little surprised myself but the soft electric heart beats loud and true in this one. I am the hunter, motherfucker.

Prodigy – Albert Einstein…Kwame shared this with me while explaining the nature of space time. For reals. Deep grit scratching out wilds for the human animal.

Trouble Books – Love in Dusk…Seriously, though? This is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It would be perfect if it weren’t so perfectly true.

HONORABLE MENTION! SUPER MEGA FUCKING JAM OF THE YEAR GOES TO…duh, Icona Pop’s “I Love It.” Now shut up and get awesome.

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