Ceremony – Rohnert Park LP Ceremony – Rohnert Park LP

Ceremony - Rohnert Park LP

Punk is short and punk is dumb and punk is loud and punk is ugly and punk is positive sometimes but mostly punk just doesn’t give a fuck because punk doesn’t play by your fucking rules, man. Fuck. Punk doesn’t even play by it’s own except when it does and then punk is a scene and punk doesn’t need to be invited to that fucking party just to drink all the beer, carve ANARCHY! into the coffee table and skate off into the long night of the cul de sac where punk would totally ollie off that fucking sedan if punk weren’t so wasted and that wasn’t what you wanted punk to do but you do you fucking conformist and so FUCK YOU and your ideology because punk is fucking punk so punk is going to go home and listen to Black Flag records to 10 because punk doesn’t give a fuck what Clark says because he’s just a fucking robot who fucks Ellen sometimes between pork chops and Monday Night Football or whatever organized fascist display it is he likes to shout about when he’s not calling punk “a dead beat” or “a loser” or “a fag” because punk’s not “a fag” because punk totally fucked a girl behind the Circle K once and punk’s not “a dead beat” just because punk doesn’t want to be a part of Clark’s MACHINE, his fucking SYSTEM and punk is totally not “a loser” because punk is in a fucking band and they’re fucking revolutionary, man.

Or not.


Track List:
1. Into The Wayside Part I/Sick
2.M.C.D.F. 3. Moving Principle
4. The Doldrums (Friendly City)
5. Open Head
6. Into The Wayside Part II
7. Terminal Addiction
8. Don’t Touch Me
9. Back In ’84
10. All The Time
11. The Pathos
12. Nigh To Life
13. Into The Wayside Part III

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