Castevet – The Echo and The Light Castevet – The Echo and The Light

Castevet – The Echo and The Light

Castevet – The Echo and The Light

Do you remember the first time that you heard music? REALLY heard it. Not the first record that comes to mind. Not the first album you played on your Fischer Price. I mean, I want you to stop and think about the first time you put a record on and felt it explode out of the stereo and into your bones. The first band that grabbed you by the heart and shook you with such force that the world never looked the same again.

Do you remember the first time you realized that they were playing just for you? When all of the chords swelled up and the words crashed down on your head and you finally made sense? Not the songs. Not the record. Not the band. Not anything more than YOU in your lonely bedroom with your eyes closed and your fists clenched. YOU! Not a son. Not a daughter. Not a loser or a geek or a spazz or a fag. YOU!

And you were illuminated. You were glorious. You were as perfect as you never thought you could be because finally, FINALLY out of all the pain and fear and confusion that comes to those who are different, those who are beat down, those who are mocked and degraded and forced to live in closet or the lab or the streets or a bedlam where there’s nothing to do but bang your head on the window until you disappear…

There was music.

Do you remember how good that felt? Do you remember how right? Do you still go back to that time night after night when no one’s looking just to feel alive?

If you do, this album is waiting for you.

Castevet – The Echo and The Light, reviewed by Charles on 2010-11-03T15:58:35-07:00 rating 4.6 out of 5

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