Castevet – Summer Fences Castevet – Summer Fences

Castevet - Summer Fences

Castevet - Summer Fences

And there’s a chance we’ll fail. A good chance, actually. All those whiskey promises we mutter on the back porch too early, yet, to call it a day. Too late to make it anywhere except inside for one last beer we’ll end up leaving half attended by the bed to remind us who we were then.

They’re not for keeping.

August remedies inspired in a sweat of hope and fury raised in what our lives somehow became despite those grave mistakes which would’ve inspired change in better men but just kept us from repeating the same loves, the same lies, the same times we’re always recounting at the cocktail parties we force smiles to survive the sharking eyes and deadly prospect of becoming fleeting shapes in the machine.

But what choice do we have?

We eat. We drink. We die. And in between we search for meaning. We have a son. We write a book. We plant a tree. We search for meaning. We clutch at dreams no matter how thin, how absurd just to remind us that when we wake up there’ll be a life there for us this one time.

And we believe them.

1. Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr
2. Beating High Schoolers At Arcade Games
3. Plays One On TV
4. I Know What A Lion Is
5. Stranger, You Know
6. Space Jam: The Return
7. Evil Robots With Swords For Hands
8. When A Movie Is Made In France, It’s Called Cinemas

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