Capgun Coup – Maudlin Capgun Coup – Maudlin

Capgun Coup - Maudlin

Its 2002, every band has a “The” attached to the front of their name and catchy rock music is back. Critics and fans are excited about the promise of pop-music. The whole boy-band thing seems to be over, despite the hangers on, even college kids discovering how much they “love Belle & Sebastian” are excited about pop-music again. Looking back, we should probably credit The Strokes for saving rock music.
Over the next several years we listened to it in every teen-ish movie, every hip commercial and every department store trying to sell to “the young people”. And like any form of media that floods your senses over a period of time, it’s lost the appeal, the air of freshness, the new car smell – It’s gone. I’ve heard this before.
This is exactly what I thought listening to Capgun Coup’s Maudlin. I couldn’t quite decide what my headline would be, but it would be something along the lines of “The Strokes change their name to Capgun Coup and release B-Sides album called Maudlin” or “The Shitty-Strokes make another album about girls and cigarettes and stuff”. Either way, it’s not like The Strokes are terrible, so being the shittier version of that, isn’t totally bad. In fact, I rather enjoyed Maudlin as kind of a “background music” album. Nothing overwhelming or stop-what-you’re-doing-and-say-“what was that?”; but nice enough to move the time along and bob your head a bit.

God I’m a dick.

I feel like the comic book guy or some nerd in a Smith’s shirt and designer glasses, sipping on imported wine, arguing in a naturally condescending and slightly effeminate voice, against anything as anything. So fuck me; this is kinda cool. Its got a great instrumental track that I enjoyed the hell out of, and although it’s not the kind of innovation that will make you wanna blow your brains out , it’s a fun pop-rock record.

Track Listing:
1. Computer Screens And TVs
2. Sitting On The Sidewalk
3. Ari Are We?
4. Got Alot Of Gull
5. Only The Times Are Changing
6. Fishlip
7. Wish I Was A Fag
8. Now That I’m Home
9. Farnam Street?
10. Pretty City
11. Bad Bands
12. For Fish
13. When I’m Gone
14. Breaks No Heart Of Mine

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