Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday

Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday

Fuck it. Let’s go for the good.

“Japanese Buffalo” is my jam. It’s fast. It’s YEOW! It’s romp and stomping “uh-huh” and some “crazy things you do” and I don’t really know all what else because I haven’t read liner notes in five years. But if I can scream something not unlike it into a blizzard at night it’s got to be pretty goddamn all right. Besides, there’s this snickering doo-wop lurching madman breakdown that makes the track more than a manic spree.

I want the rest of my year to sound like this.

I want to be fucking propulsive. Not furious, but forward. I want to go up against outrageous fortune with a smile and howl that hasn’t heard such pitch since the first contact of Black Francis.

“2024” is a hot damn second but it makes a lot more sense. It’s chug-a-lugging just right, sure, but it’s linear and referential and should have a video with retro car crash footage and Matthew Shultz falling in and out of focus with his mouth too wide, and his hair too deliberate for the 21st Century’s tender sensibilities. The band should have their hair in their faces the whole time. Heads down and, in actuality, playing Surfer Rosa’s B Side at a cocaine pace.

It should be directed by Kevin Kerslake.

Maximum saturation.

We can film it on the charred roof of Nakitomi Plaza, and arrange for Snape to make an “unexpected” cameo with a fake-ass goatee and high-crime accent.

Man, that’d be rad.

And this record deserves a little rad to complement its Pixies worship. Worship isn’t the right word. That implies Cage the Elephant is playing veneration, checking a viable reference. And Thank You Happy Birthday doesn’t do that. It doesn’t sound like the Pixies. It sounds like it IS the Pixies. Like the drab four just stepped off their reunion tour and right back into the studio.

We all know that’ll never happen, though.

And now, it doesn’t have to.

1. Always Something
2. Aberdeen
3. Indy Kidz
4. Shake Me Down
5. 2024
6. Sell Yourself
7. Rubber Ball
8. Right Before My Eyes
9. Around My Head
10. Sabertooth Tiger
11. Japanese Buffalo
12. Flow

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