Cage the Elephant – Interview – Outside Lands 2009 Cage the Elephant – Interview – Outside Lands 2009

Check out the audio from the interview with Cage the Elephant below Cage the Elephant Interview by pinpointmusic

Cage the Elephant - Interview - Outside Lands 2009

Cage the Elephant - Interview - Outside Lands 2009

Pinpoint music had the opportunity to speak with Daniel and Brad from Cage the Elephant after their Outside Lands performance on August 30th, 2009 in San Francisco, CA. The chance meeting may have only occurred because of a purple hoodie I wore for that very specific type of chaotic, confusing situation behind the scenes at a gigantic music festival. Thanks to that purple hoodie, the guys from Cage the Elephant actually caught up with me, and we talked somewhere in the trees of Golden Gate Park.
Thanks Purple hoodie.

Ryan: This is Ryan from pinpointmusic; can you guys introduce yourselves and what you do?

Brad: Im Brad, and I play guitar.

Daniel: My name’s Daniel and I play bass.

PP: And what band are you guys in?

Brad/Daniel(together): Cage the Elephant.

Brad: yeah, Cage the Elephant.

PP: Cool, thanks guys. So tell me about playing the festival. What do you guys like about it?

Daniel: I like San Francisco in general. It’s just like on of my favorite cities to come to. And I guess it’s our first time at this festival. And it’s been…it’s up on the top five, I’d say, with all the other festivals we’ve done this year…for sure.

Brad: Especially playing at 12:45, we didn’t know what to expect from an early crowd and, I don’t know, it was really good. I don’t look at the crowd much, but like, I looked up and you could feel their energy, but you know…

Daniel: …You look up and there’s a lot of people! (laughs)

Brad: Yeah, yeah you look up and there’s a ton of people. And then, you know, I’m looking down for what seems like a long time, I guess – just trying to concentrate on the music, and then, I looked back up and there’s a mosh pit that’s, like…

Daniel: (laughs)

Brad: …freakin’ just a huge circle taking on the crowd. So it was awesome man…

Daniel: Yeah…

Brad: …People getting’ down at like, 12:45.

PP: So you guys bring a lot of energy to the stage. Obviously if you’ve seen you (Cage the Elephant) live, you know that. No question. Is it hard to get up for a 12:40 show in the afternoon?

Daniel: …A lot of redbull for me (both laugh).

Brad: Yeah, yeah. We’re definitely not early morning people.

Daniel: We’re not early people, for sure. We, I don’t know, it’s kinda like, we’ve played a lot of the festivals pretty early, so we’re kinda getting used to it.

Brad: Yeah. I mean, if the crowd’s like that, and they’re just, you know, raging, and just going for it; then usually, that energy just feeds onto us.

PP: Cool. So I’ll switch subjects a little bit. You guys have done Letterman, you got a new album out, you’re doing the festivals; what are you looking for next?

Daniel: Umm, to go home for a little while (Both laugh). I just wanna sleep in…

Brad: A break!

Daniel: …sleep in until 2 o’clock at least one day (Brad laughs). Because we’re usually up at like, 9 o’clock in the morning. In the van…

Brad: Driving…

Daniel: …and then getting to sound check.

Brad: You kinda go back to sleep in the van, but you’re never really…

Daniel: …in a nice deep sleep.

Brad: …yeah, yeah – it’s always like (shivers).

PP: So what was it like doing Letterman? If you don’t mind me asking.

Daniel: Well actually, when we walked out there, it was pretty overwhelming because you walk out there, and I mean, it’s just an audience, just like any other audience. But you look to the left, and there’s David Letterman, and you look to the right, and there’s Paul Shaffer; and then all the fear and nervousness just hits you at one time. And you realize, actually, what you’re doing.

Brad: They’re actually like, a few body lengths away from you.

Daniel: It’s really close-quarters.

Brad: Yeah, the set looks so much bigger on TV. And then, at the end of the thing, the band made fun of me for like, two weeks because I looked like a psycho. I was like…(looks to Daniel) remember when I was wearing these weird glasses?

Brad: But like, at the end I was just looking at the crowd and I was just amazed that we were actually doing this, and kinda lost myself in that. But I didn’t realize that it looked like I was looking straight in the camera, and so it just looked like I was just psycho.

Daniel: …in a daze.

Brad: …a dead stare or something, I don’t know.

Daniel: It was weird.

PP: Cool. Alright guys, one last question here; Give me your best VH1 “Behind the Music” story.

Daniel: Oh, ill tell you this one. Me and Brad, we get into arguments from time to time, but this one was a life-threatening argument.

Brad: It was retar-…we were arguing over who was the better guitar player from our hometown. There’s two really good guitar players…

Daniel: …and I got really angry, and wasn’t thinking about it, and I decided to open…

Brad: No, no, no, I said ‘Dude’, we were arguing, I was like ‘dude just get the fuck out’. I was telling him just to go up the stairs, you know like peace out, just fuckin’ leave. Let’s not argue. And then he was like ‘Ill fuckin’ leave!’

Daniel: …and I didn’t know that the bus was fuckin’ moving.

Brad: We were all drunk (laughs).

Daniel: And I decide to open up the door and step out, and my foot hits the moving road, and Brad…

Brad: as soon as I grabbed his belt…

Daniel: ‘oh shit!’

Brad: It was all within a split second. He opened it like ‘fuck it, you want me to leave? Ill leave!’ And he really thought we were just like, standing still. He was just about to step out and walk on his way.

Daniel: So that guitar player should be very honored, that I defended his honor. I almost died. His name is Tiger.

PP: Cool. Tiger, you know who you are. So where are you guys off to from here?

Daniel: This is actually our last date on our tour that we’ve been on, and we’re going back home for ten days. And then, I guess on the 12th we head back out, and we’ll be on the road, for I guess the rest of the year.

Brad: We’ll be touring with The Silversun Pickups and a band called Manchester Orchestra – they’re good friends of ours.

PP: Good to hear it. Thanks for taking some time guys.

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