BURGERAMA FOUR! @ The Observatory – 3.28.15 BURGERAMA FOUR! @ The Observatory – 3.28.15

danny james.jpeg

Ed. Note: The kids are all right, yeah. Even if we don’t want to believe it. Even if we’ll continue to grumble as the punks get shorter and infinitely more adorable with their malt-liquor stiffies and tattooed naked ladies throwing horns like its cool to be a no one in a swarm of content queens because…well, it is…and it always has been and it always will be and goddamn if Burger Records hasn’t figured that out better than most any sudsy sack of bozo bangers this side of the Mississippi Delta Burke. Shit, they’re SO on their money, honey they tossed the fourth year of their festival up like it was no big deal to feature Weezer, Bone Thugz, King Khan, JEFF the Brotherhood, Gang of Four, etc. (ad nauseam) over a delicious Spring weekend at The Observatory and Sharee was there to soak it all in for the rest of us desk-sucked and despondent and yes, we are so jealous we could spit. Now please dig, if you will, her pictures.

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