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Brother Ali - Us

Brother Ali - Us

Remember the first time you heard Jurassic 5 and you were like, “yeah all that harmonization is nice, but who was that one guy?” Without any further explanation everyone knew exactly what you meant. And then before you knew it, you started hearing that one guy all over the place. You heard him more on his own records, other peoples records and just kinda all over the place. And you knew who Chali 2Na was. You recognized the crisp, deep power in his voice and you wanted to hear it more.

Brother Ali has this same type of power in his voice. A little less bassy, but Brother Ali has a way to pound each perfectly enunciated word through the speakers, leaving the same sort of impression on your brain you had that first time you heard “that one guy” from Jurassic 5.

Despite having the kind of voice that probably gets him laid regularly, I always thought Brother Ali was a little too serious, too bothered, too epic. I mean, he’s always been an impressive artist, with a formidable sound, but a little too heavy; I mean, do you really want to throw on Schindler’s List to get your night started?

But US is different. Same skill and talent level, but US feels more like celebration than tragedy. Even if some of the topics are heavier than just partying and friends and casual drug use, the fluidity of the album never allows things to slow down or become cumbersome.

US kinda has everything you’d want in a well-rounded album, no matter what the genre. A good story told with a beginning, middle and end; evoking a variety of emotions, not just the good ones and not just the bad ones.

Track Listing:
1. Brothers And Sisters
2. The Preacher
3. Crown Jewel
4. House Keys
5. Fresh Air
6. Tight Rope
7. Breakin’ Dawn
8. The Travelers
9. Babygirl
10. ‘Round Here
11. Bad Mufucker Pt. II
12. Best@it
13. Games
14. Slippin’ Away
15. You Say (Puppy Love)
16. Us

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