Broken Bells / Phantogram @ Gilley’s Dallas – 10.7.14 Broken Bells / Phantogram @ Gilley’s Dallas – 10.7.14


Ed. Note: In this world gone mad with muck and malfeasance, terror and cynicism, the grandiosity of grave displeasure, it’s important to sit back, now and then, and let pop genius crash in and wash away all the unoriginal sin. Seriously. You deserve it. Wet whispers and the cool, cool synth. The good shit. The beat cut oblique. The kind of massive chill revival event that only swings from the rafters on the rare instance that two bands as singularly elegant as Phantogram and Broken Bells go tripping the moonlight fantastic across America and, if you miss it, man…you’re over. I did and so did El Jefe which is a drag because we both could use the big show benzo but Sean Berry didn’t. Sean Berry never does. That kid cradles lightning for a living and though we’re all a little jealous of his poise and prowess, we’re always proud to share in his evidence. Now, dig if you will, his pictures.


Broken Bells

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