Bring Me the Horizon / Of Mice and Men / letlive / Issues @ The Warfield – 3.21.14 Bring Me the Horizon / Of Mice and Men / letlive / Issues @ The Warfield – 3.21.14

Bring Me The Horizon
Bring Me The Horizon

The American Dream Tour featuring Issues, letlive, Of Mice and Men, and Bring Me The Horizon descended upon San Francisco on March 21st. Taking place at The Warfield, the bands sold out one of the largest venues here in the Bay Area. Consisting of attendees primarily under 21 years old, the venue hit its 2300 person capacity before the first band finished its set.

Atlanta nu metal/metalcore group, Issues, kicked the night off with a blend of poppy hooks and aggressive breakdowns that had the teenage girls fawning over singers, Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn. Complete with turntables and a synthesizer, Issues certainly reminded me of my favorite bands in 1999 but with a modern twist. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but there’s no doubt that they’ve got something that works for other demographics.

Next up on the bill was letlive. I can say, without a doubt, that Jason Aalon Butler is one of the most entertaining and ferocious lead singers I’ve ever seen. As soon as the post-hardcore band took the stage, he was running, sliding, and jumping so much that I had a hard time keeping my camera lens on him. My opinion was solidified as the singer flew over my head onto the hands of his audience members. Antics aside, Butler had intimate moments with the crowd, talking about his mother’s battle with cancer and growing up with an abusive father. These moments served as touching respites in between the band’s assault on the audience which was reminiscent of Glassjaw’s mellower moments mixed with Poison the Well’s intensity. After enduring numerous lineup changes, I think this band has finally found its sweet spot.

Of Mice & Men provided main support for headliners, Bring Me The Horizon, and they did a fantastic job getting the crowd’s energy up for the final act. Supporting their latest album, Restoring Force, the band exhibited a more melodic sound than their previous efforts by capitalizing on the bark of Austin Carlile and the clean vocals of bassist Aaron Pauley. On the surface, many consider them to be a run-of-the-mill metalcore act, but I contend that their live show is top-notch compared to the slew of other bands within the same genre that I’ve seen before.

The roar of the crowd as the lights dimmed for Bring Me The Horizon’s opening song, “Can You Feel My Heart?” was deafening. Lit only by the blue floodlights behind the band, the dark stage erupted as silver confetti shot into the air and lead singer Oli Sykes screamed “EVERYBODY JUMP!” With hands raised and jumping in unison, the audience matched Sykes word-for-word. Explaining that he was “feeling ill,” his vocal delivery still sounded flawless just as it does on their latest effort, Sempiternal. A clear departure from their deathcore roots, Bring Me The Horizon’s current offering is filled with songs that encourage audience participation. Giving the crowd cheeky grins throughout the night, it’s clear that this band loves being on stage and is motivated by the reactions of their followers. Just after passing the hour mark, the band took a quick break to prep for their encore, “Sleepwalking,” a crowd favorite from the last album. As the remainder of the silver confetti streamed from the ceiling and the lights dimmed, Bring Me The Horizon undoubtedly left their mark on The Warfield and its attendees.

Bring Me the Horizon Setlist:
Can You Feel My Heart?
Shadow Moses
Diamonds Aren’t Forever
The House of Wolves
Go to Hell, For Heaven’s Sake
And the Snakes Start to Sing
Empire (Let Them Sing)
It Never Ends
Chelsea Smile

Bring Me the Horizon


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