Bottle Rock 2015 Artist Spotlight – The Brothers Comatose Bottle Rock 2015 Artist Spotlight – The Brothers Comatose

Here in San Francisco everyone knows someone who’s got some sort of tech business stuff happening right now. Meetings are being made with venture capitalists in warehouse lofts, people are blogging about clouds acquiring other clouds, and the minimum-est of viable products are being made by dudes* trying to get you laid. It’s great. It was great? Sometimes I don’t know if the rest of the country understands how complex the social and economic impact of crushing candy is on our little Baghdad by the Bay.
There are way smarter people who get paid to study and talk about that stuff; what I care about is music, and our music scene in San Francisco has been affected. Gentrification is forcing all the artists into locations they can actually afford, but what I think about is all the people who used to pick up guitars and write songs who now pick up their macbooks and write code.
That’s why The Brothers Comatose is the band that San Francisco needs right now. The Brothers Comatose play fast twangy intsruments the way a bunch of dudes who used to tool around in punk bands would, and their messages are simple, identifiable, and ubiquitous. Their brand isn’t big trucks and shit-kicking; they are guys who care about stuff, even if it’s just having an honest good time and living life the way you want it. But what makes The Brothers Comatose a great San Francisco band is that they walk the walk you hope they would. They live on Haight Street, they still have stories of jamming with random hippies they met in the park, and yes, they are brothers (not all of ‘em, but you get it).
My buddy Phil works at the intersection of technology and music at one of those streaming music companies, you know, the one with the un-customizable player that only your parents office workers who don’t give a shit use; anyway, he asked me recently which band I thought most embodied “San Francisco”—and The Brothers Comatose were the first band I thought of.
Catch The Brothers Comatose at Bottle Rock, Saturday 5/30 on the Intel Stage

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