Bottle Rock 2015 Artist Spotlight – Mother Mother Bottle Rock 2015 Artist Spotlight – Mother Mother

Mother Mother is Bottle Rock 2015’s anti-Arcade Fire. And that’s a good thing. I’m just as into Arcade Fire as any other music fan, maybe more, maybe not. Who knows, I dig them just fine, whatever. But I do think that maybe it’s time for a different group of Canadians to own the festival stage, and Mother Mother can be those Canadian weirdos.

Ok, so maybe Mother Mother has a little bit of work to do before we start comparing them to Arcade Fire in categories other than Canadian-ness, and truth be told, the music Mother Mother is making is on the other end of the pop spectrum from their beaver pelt-wearing brethren. But there is something about an onstage ensemble doing their thing that may always draw an Arcade Fire comparison. However, instead of fantastical anthem-y folk rock wrapped in denim, Mother Mother is one of those synth pop bands with a bunch of catchy tunes, undeniable male and female harmonies and a good attitude.

I read somewhere that Mother Mother is the most hated band in Canada. Kind of surprising that being “the most hated” anything is a thing in Canada since it is pretty well known these are the nicest people on earth, but let me tell ya, being hated by Canada just might be the edge a band needs to step out of the shadows and grab the attention of the cynical.

Catch Mother Mother Saturday 5/30 at 1pm on the Jam Cellars Stage.

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