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Born Gold - Bodysongs

Born Gold - Bodysongs

Gobble Gobble, the Canadian Electro Pop band’s new “Bodysongs” album came out in September under their new identity Born Gold. Whether you’re one of those fitness fanatics taking to the street in too tight spandex winter gear, or the packed subway rider traveling underground between Manhattan and ‘those other boroughs’, this album is a great choice for an uplifting mood boost. Warning! In the first few moments, Cecil Frena’sawkwardly distorted voice modulating and jutting around the melody leaves one uneasy and off-put. But with an open mind, his voice combined with the digitally orchestrated beats and synthesized video game-like sounds pushes the mind up and out of its everyday monotonous daydreams into a packed tight dance floor with eye blinding laser lights and the incredible need to jump. I, of course, restrained the urge to bounce up and down in the packed subway car and traded it in for a more socially acceptable toe tap.

The song that inspired my confined inner dance party is one of my album favorites “End of Days”, which takes a heart pumping beat and mashes it together with tweaking, chirping digital sounds similar to something heard in a Mum or Fischerspooner album. The seamless combination of pulsing noises and Cecil Frena’s wavering voice telling us, “you have to do these things for yourself,” brings a feeling of youthful vitality and energy. Comparably, “Boring Horror” takes youthful, playful sounds and juxtaposes them against the bitter intensity of the lyrics, “that’s not what your body said,” and, “I’ll be your black horror, I’ll be your black chimera” (chimera by definition could be a monstrous fire-breathing female creature or cartilaginous fish; you decide).

The most talked of song is “Alabaster Bodyworlds”, the penultimate track on the album. It has moments that remind me of “Fa Fa” from an old Guster album remixed and distorted for the dance floor. Compared to most songs on the album like “Eat Sun, Son” and “Decimate Everything”, “Alabaster Bodyworlds’” odd lightness makes it feel a bit out of place in the album and didn’t really work for me. But by the ending of the song, when Cecil sings, “so come back down,” then transcends with, “Oooo, oh,” in such a way as to lead one’s mind upward and out of this life, I was won over. Fittingly, the final song on the album “Early Birthday” describes a body after death. And so life ends, and as so our body goes, “it’s what it is, that’s what it is.”

1 Lawn Knives
2 End of Days
3 Decimate Everything
4 Morning Bath
5 Boring Horror
6 Wombstone
7 Wrinklecarver
8 Eat Sun, Son
9 Alabaster Bodyworlds
10 Early Birthday

Born Gold - Bodysongs, reviewed by Alana Paige on 2011-11-23T07:00:28-08:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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