Bombay Bicycle Club – Leave It (EP) Bombay Bicycle Club – Leave It (EP)

Bombay Bicycle Club - Leave It (EP)

Leave It is a collection of smooth, gentle tunes; full of dynamic instrumentals and whiny harmonies. The sound itself has a gentle reggae feel mixed with some alternative acoustics, a little reminiscent of a chilled out Blues Traveler, if they smoked too much weed and went through a peace and love ‘Bob Marley’ phase; overall, Leave It is a nice group of tunes to relax to. But it’s a bit difficult to judge a four-song album, if you can even call it that.

Usually at least 12 songs give an album the diverse mix that can either overpower the singles that suck or let the majority fall to the waste side. When an EP has only four songs to judge, and one of them is a remix, it’s hard to give the “album” a fair shake. But that’s what Leave It is, so here it goes.

The most differential quality of Leave It is the eclectic mix of instrumentals, putting the soundboard to work, elements of electronica creep into a generally acoustic sound on the album. From the chill, string heavy “Shuffle” to the bass filled “Lights Out Words Gone,” Leave It gives us a common theme of smooth beats that make you bob your head but certainly not sway with your whole body, nor packs the punch that make you hit repeat or turn the volume up full blast.

“Lights Out Words Gone,” has a typical, popular reggae beat to it, with electronic sound effects haphazardly thrown in, much like the noise that Pacman emits when he crashes into one of the dreaded white ghosts. The random noises are a bit cheesy, but the songs aren’t ruined by the semi-chaotic Pacman sounds.

The acoustic version of “Leave it” has great harmony between the male and female lead with the feeling of disappointment and yearning conveyed quite nicely, however, the song is more of a whisper than a strong and recognizable vocal ballad. Despite the lack of general enthusiasm, the light mix of the smooth percussion and light strings make the song work, just not soar. Conversely, the remix, included on the EP adds some build up and excitement to a song that generally lacks a theme or knockout punch. The remix actually makes me feel the depth of the lyrics, even though they are practically taken right out of the song entirely. It kind of reminds me of what a Katie Perry song would sound like if Toots and the Maytals sang back up and no one sang directly into the mic.

Leave It isn’t exactly deep or heartfelt, but the beats are catchy and the tone is perfect for what it is, chill background music. Overall, none of the songs make you want to hit repeat, but its relaxing beats are worth adding to your playlist. There’s definitely room for the Bicycle Bombay Bicycle Club to deliver on their next batch off.

1. Leave It
2. Leave It (Flipbook Mix)
3. Lights Out Words Gone
4. Shuffle

Bombay Bicycle Club - Leave It (EP), reviewed by Laura on 2012-02-23T09:58:57-08:00 rating 2.7 out of 5

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  • rowe says:

    is it weird that I actually want to check out that Katie Perry and Toots and the Maytals collab now?