Bleeding Rainbow – Interrupt Bleeding Rainbow – Interrupt

Bleeding Rainbow - Interrupt (2014)

Bleeding Rainbow – Interrupt (2014)

You know that one song after your favorite song on the record? The one that’s pretty good, you guess but kinda pales in comparison to the blitz fucking brilliance of the previous track. The seeming sonic afterthought? The track that doesn’t necessarily indicate that the band just threw it in for filler giggles but rather knew it would be overshadowed by the awesomeness that came before it so when it came time to master and sequence they figured “What the hell?” and let it play a little rushed and overstuffed? Almost experimental but never so much as to detract or offend the listener?

I feel like this was a big thing in the Superchunk alt RAWK! 90s though a good recent example would be “Fried Eyes” over “Maybe I Know” on The Lovely Bad Things’ The Next Great Whatever wherein the former track is such a great moody groovy roar and the latter is such a swift fist palette cleanser of sorts that one kinda just dumbly swallows the other.

It’s the better off-as-a-B-Side song that – when presented in its own space – can be appreciated for its purpose but tends to get lost in the forward progress of a full length shuffle.

So what happens when it IS the full length?


And, though it took about a hundred listens, I can say with some degree of snow day certainty that it motherfucking works. I know that’s not the sexiest of endorsements for a record but when I first started blasting Bleeding Rainbow’s most recent slab of wax I was more than a touch disappointed by the plain jane 5k forgetfulness the tracks read on the train (having heard so many hyperbolic things about them) but the more I engaged, the further the transit levels unfurled and what I came to understand was that the band places pop strains above the cracking punk rock shell and fills the pearl gap, wanting with pedal-happy shoegazing whirs and some serious animal thumping.

More directly, I should say that Interrupt is the sound of a band finally letting themselves be. Settling into the frenzied mix of the post fucking everything null set arty fartist Ouroboros mock epoch as a happy, humane heterogeneity. Referential as a blind drunk swinging his broken cane at a kaleidoscope of bottle flies and every bit as challenging to rectify. Pale fun for the loose lips that sunk the ship shouting “HEY YA!”

A band playing into their own right with a set of songs that sound – above and beyond all else – like they will positively fucking slay live.

Here’s hoping, man. Papa could use a good slam dance.

Interrupt Tracklist:

1 – Time & Place
2 – Tell Me
3 – Start Again
4 – So You Know
5 – Dead Head
6 – Out of Line
7 – Images
8 – Monochrome
9 – Cut Up
10 – Phase

Bleeding Rainbow - Interrupt, reviewed by Charles on 2014-02-14T03:33:37-08:00 rating 3.6 out of 5

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