Birds in a Row – You, Me & the Violence Birds in a Row – You, Me & the Violence

Are you white? Are you pissed? Do you think Converge is the shit? Are you a male somewhere between the ages of – I don’t know – sixteen and twenty-seven? Do you have tattoos? Is one of them of an octopus? Do you hate violent movies because they insult your intelligence but herald circle pits as vaulted expressions of community? Are you an “independent” spirit? Is your dad a dick? Have you ever promoted the smashing of any of the following?

A. The State
B. The Machine
C. Society
D. “Your Face”
E. All of the above

If you answered “Yes” to more than two of the above questions (added bonus if you chose E.) then CONGRATULATIONS! You have yet another new pummeling calamity of a band to call your very own: Birds in a Row.

They’re French.

They’ve actually been around since 2009 and I was first made aware of them through the good Kap’n’s insightful exploration of Throatruiner Records for Tape Wyrm XXVI (all praise him). This record’s out on Death Wish though which is great for Birds in a Row (who do have a pretty bitchin’ logo) because that massive stamp of thug art approval can only enhance their chances of busting the fuck out of that one horse town called Laval (of which I know absolutely nothing and certainly mean no offense to her people, history and culture) and into the big time of…


…wherever hardcore bands go to thrive. Lawrence, I guess. Connecticut?

Listen, I clearly don’t give half the shits about hardcore that I used to back when I had insurance and nothing to prove to myself (OR TO YOU! FUCK YOU!) so it takes something really special to twist my ears into strapping those big boy boots back on. I thought You, Me & The Violence would do just that but, unfortunately, it hasn’t.

This isn’t to say that the record is in any way inadequate. It’s fast. It’s angry. It blisters through most of its thirty-six minutes with complicated determination and overemotional gusto save for the sour guitar/double pain wail of “Last Last Chance” and the needlessly endless plodding of closer “Lovers Have Their Say” which actually sounds a lot like “Last Last Chance” but is approximately five times the length and contains roughly six minutes of slow white noise de-evolution which one could liberally call artful but just smacks so desperately of the “we’re not like every other hardcore band” scree that it leaves me a little gassy.

So yeah, it’s perfect for Death Wish.

You, Me & the Violence Tracklist:
01. Pilori
02. There Is Only One Chair In This Room
03. Cages
04. Guillotine
05. Walter Freeman
06. Last Last Chance
07. You, Me, & The Violence
08. Grey Hair
09. Cold War Everyday
10. The Illusionist
11. Police & Thieves
12. Lovers Have Their Say

Birds in a Row - You, Me & the Violence, reviewed by Charles on 2012-09-06T08:23:56-07:00 rating 2.9 out of 5

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