Big L – Return of the Devils Son Big L – Return of the Devils Son

Big L - Return of the Devils Son

Big L is your favorite MC’s favorite MC. Of course, I don’t know that, but I know it. Even if he isn’t, he just is. He’s a motherfucking paradox wrapped in an enigma. His unrefined style is so brazenly thrown in your face you can’t possibly doubt his authenticity and passion for his craft. There is not even a whiff of pretension or motive, aside from, of course, ripping off hard-as-fuck rhymes.

A dude, a beat and a mic. Big L is the lo-fi indie- rapper. And it’s a tragedy he is no longer here to share his talents with the world. What we do have, however, are his posthumous releases like Return of the Devil’s Son.

Return of the Devil’s Son is a collection of previously unreleased tracks, freestyles, B-sides and whathaveyou’s; so it’s a little more unpolished and raw-dog even by Big L’s measure. But where it lacks in, I don’t know, cohesiveness and semblance of a finished product; it totally stacks up in grittiness, emotion and fervor. I mean, his persona and approach surely don’t hide the albums flaws, or make it a top ten and as an indicator, it doesn’t pass the “I would play this for you to get you totally hooked on this band/artist” test – but it’s not supposed to be that album. I suppose very literally, it’s supposed to be the album that makes his family some money and give the Big L diehards some freshies; but what it can also be is a reintroduction to Big L, the artist every other MC wants to be.

1. Return Of The Devil’s Son
2. Devil’s Son From Lifestylez
3. Zone Of Danger
4. Sandman 118
5. School Days
6. Principal Of The New School
7. Unexpected
8. Tony’s Touch
9. Right To The Top
10. Once Again
11. Harlem World Universal
12. I Won’t
13. Hard To Kill
14. Power Moves
15. If You Not Aware
16. I Should Have Used
17. Doo Wop #5
18. Yes You Can
19. Audition
20. M.C.’s Whats Going On
21. Slaying The Mic

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