Big Freedia @ The Echo – 11.14.13 Big Freedia @ The Echo – 11.14.13


Ed. Note: After years of Charles roaming the office, late at night, half drunk and three-quarters naked demanding “Y’ALL GET BACK NOW!” and calling for “AZZ EVERYWHERE! AZZ EVERYWHERE! AZZ EVERYWHERE!” while doing his damnedest to twerk that sallow pale ass of his, Ben gets it. HE GETS IT! He has seen the wonder of The Queen Diva, Big Freedia. Felt the big bounce beat and seen the air filled with perfect cheeks, firsthand and foremost and his life (by his own admission) has become a better place to live. He’s even begun to “wiggle it” (if only just a little bit) and we’re pretty sure he just placed an order for pink, plastic hot pants. Fingers crossed. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

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