Beta Blocker and the Body Clock – Inside the Pickle Jar Beta Blocker and the Body Clock – Inside the Pickle Jar

Beta Blocker And The Body Clock - Inside The Pickle Jar (2013)

Beta Blocker And The Body Clock – Inside The Pickle Jar (2013)

Editors Note: This is Area Man’s first review on Pinpoint. Area Man is a simple man with a high affinity for new and unknown bands. Area Man makes up one half of the music podcast/review duo known as Champions of the Universe with Kaptain Carbon. In his quest to scour the reaches of Bandcamp, Area Man brings you an armful of cassettes. Enjoy this one now and stay around for tomorrow’s Dealer’s Choice for more recent musical artifacts.

Break out your fuzziest winter hat or scarf and duct tape that shit around your ears. Now go take a shower. I’ll wait. If my calculations are correct, you should be sufficiently fuzzy and saturated enough to navigate the waters of this low-fi journey by up and coming British three piece Beta Blocker and the Body Clock. There might be some Somali pirates, but, from the sound of it, they’re pretty chill and let’s be honest; it’s less threatening when the person boarding your ship has a keyboard in their hands.

Inside the Pickle Jar is a melodic fuzz fest that serves up chill rock with a couple layers of synth grooves, sugary hooks, experimentation, and My Bloody Valentine style production in the form of a cake recorded on VHS tape twenty years ago and presented to you for viewing on an ancient tube TV. Your VCR’s tracking might be busted, but the appeal is still there. There is low-fi production on this record and there is a lot of it. To say that there are a few layers of sound would be an understatement as this album is like a rainbow colored wall of Legos swaying in the breeze because, and this is the last time I’ll say it, you are not a damn engineer.

This record is an alarm clock rocker. It’s chill but lively, like waking up after a night of good rest with a spring in your step and boogers in your eyes. Throughout, it maintains that muted, sleepy feeling, easing you into your chill morning routine with a feeling of optimism. Mystikal is sitting down with your cup of coffee. Ascaphus Truei Love is a wake and bake, chilling things out for a second before you go finish up the whole process of acclimating yourself to pants with the second half. Yeah, the waist is a little tight, but maybe if your morning routine didn’t include smoking a bowl and eating half a pan of brownies for breakfast, you might not have to leave the top unbuttoned.

There is an interesting dichotomy of sound on Inside the Pickle Jar. On one hand, you have a record that sounds like you are listening to it in bed with the covers over your head. On the other, melodies are bright and playful with a dose of muted pep. The production is such a large part of this album that seeing BB&TBC live must be a completely different experience. It’s most likely similar to seeing Alien Lanes era Guided By Voices blasting out some tracks you realize were only mellow by virtue of the experience you had with the recorded material. If their live show is like a surprise party, I hope it’s in a roller rink. Sure, I’ll do a couples skate with you, but don’t be mistaken; these moves belong to the world.

Beta Blocker and the Body Clock – Inside the Pickle Jar Tracklist

Pickle Jar
Ascaphus Truei Love
Ylang Ylang

Beta Blocker and the Body Clock - Inside the Pickle Jar, reviewed by Area Man on 2013-09-26T08:25:44-07:00 rating 3.7 out of 5

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