Best Photos of 2013 (Contributing Photographers) Best Photos of 2013 (Contributing Photographers)

Ed. Notes: Before we get back to our regular schedule of restless reviews and hot dog rocktography, we wanted to take a few more days to get our bearings (post holiday hangovers) by looking back at some of the best shots that came our through the various shutterbugs that were kind enough to lend us their time and talent. Here are the creams of the crops, presented in alphabetical order (according to artist). Please don’t let the size of the respective galleries indicate preference or talent level. Some folks just got to more gigs than others but believe us when we tell you that each one of these motherfuckers is on their way to Kodachrome legend. Now dig, if you will, their pictures.

Sean Berry

Maggie Boyd


Rob Schell

Michelle Shiers

Todd Sipes

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