Best Coast – Something in the way Best Coast – Something in the way

Best Coast - Something in the way

Best Coast - Something in the way

Blonde hair and summer tans are just a few trends that fall in the category of, “Stuff Californians like” The Beach Boys represent Southern Californians like Bob Marley represents stoners, famous musicians that basically sold a productized lifestyle. Inspired by the Beach Boys, Bethany Cosentino, the lead singer of the Indie band Best Coast, said in an interview with The Guardian, “I wanted to tell the world how obsessed I am with California.”

A born and raised California girl myself, When comparing the superficial West and the pretentious East, a battle dating farther back than Tupac Shakur and Biggy Smalls, it comes down to the subtle differences of everyday life. California is one of those places that random people will throw up the peace sign for no reason; or stretch their arms out to the sky in a yoga style worship of the sun. People can be beach bums for days, and tend to wholeheartedly reek of positivity. Of course, it all depends on the person of whether this is routinely annoying or rudimentary to the early years of their existence.

I know I’m stretching to pigeonhole a whole state, but I think it’s important to mention these stereotypes in relation to Best Coast’s newest EP, Something in the Way. An EP, that personifies an advertisement of Santa Monica in the 1960’s. Five decades later California’s youth-filled demographic hasn’t really had a divergence in this obsession with sex, cars and surfing. Best Coast just drops the cars and actual reference to surfing, but uses the vocal harmonies and casual melodies alongside troubled relationships.

The song “The Road,” is the epitome of girly lovesickness revolving around lyrical heartbreak, that in sequentially shows a kind of innocence to Cosentino’s songwriting, Best Coast being a band that is far from provocative, tends to remind you of a grungier indie version of The Mama’s and The Papa’s song, “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” Consumed with the idea of love and the plausibility of it not working out.

Something in the Way is cynical realism that has a tendency to fake optimism with playful percussion and low fidelity guitar. Just like addiction to cigarettes you know the truth, but are apathetic, you still want to push repeat and sing along happily to “you don’t even listen to me /when I talk.” A recording by the independent label PPM, Something in the Way needs some recording adjustments to better balance Cosentino’s natural reverie-like voice against the instrumental attributes. Whereas in previous albums the record label, Black Iris perfected this equilibrium.

A garage band recording turned into an underground rock show when Best Coast performed live at The Casbah in San Diego this month. The female vocalist, Bethany Cosentino had the paramount ability to instantly draw me away from the bar, and make the night worth the small ten-dollar cover charge. Best Coast is a band that offers the youth culture a move away from some of the thriving surface-level Pop shit, and overtly dramatic Emo populations. A band that is potentially universal in its simplicity.

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