Bear’s Den @ Warsaw – 11.25.14 Bear’s Den @ Warsaw – 11.25.14

Bear's Den, etc. - CN - 4186

Ed. Note: Unlike many kids he knew or knows, Charles is no friend to British folk rock (whether it be alternative or not). Rumor has it, the bias is something to do with his mother and the yen for tears she taught him early and often and which he’s rejected to the degree that he’s now a frothing GG Allin devotee.

So why did we send him to cover bearded heartbrokers, du jour, Bear’s Den?

To fuck with him? Maybe. It’s always a pleasure to watch Charles wrestle with the discomfort of objectivity but mostly we didn’t think much about it. We heard good things about the band, knew Charles could be in the neighborhood and would retrieve us some evidence.

Turns out, though, that Charles actually had a damn decent time on account of “Bear’s Den being really fucking good, actually…animated, excitable and pretty solid rock and roll.” He even conceded he totally fell in for their sad, soft songs too.

“Or, you know (sniff), most of them.”

Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

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