Beak> and Vex Ruffian @ The Independent – 2.13.13 Beak> and Vex Ruffian @ The Independent – 2.13.13


Just as his bio states, Vex Ruffin is “an untrained punk musician who uses a few basic instruments in uncomplicated ways.” Backed by a solid bassist, drummer, and sampler, Vex managed to get a few heads bobbing in the crowd. The Independent was only 1/4 full during his set with most people checking in on Facebook and chatting. Once Beak> started prepping the stage, The Independent filled in pretty quickly. Beak>’s performance conveyed the mood of their previously released albums: sullen and experimental, yet organized. For a majority of the set, keyboardist, Billy Fuller was the only active member; jumping around for most of the performance. He and drummer, Geoff Barrow, even switched instruments for a song which exhibited their multii-intrumental capabilities. It didn’t take long for the 20-something crowd to start swaying to the drone of Beak>’s syncopated tunes. The calm head sways were peppered with the occasional 40 year-old burning man-esque dancer. It was quite obvious that Beak> consists of very proficient musicians. Their occasional grungy climaxes left the crowd wanting more which is perhaps why they were so trance-inducing to The Independent’s listeners.

Vex Ruffian


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