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In 2010, Beach House took over my life. I know this happens a lot with me but bear with me. Teen Dream‘s accomplishment represented a pinnacle of merit which was preceded by two albums of increasing quality. The production and mixing on Teen Dream by Chris Coady allowed the band to become the act everyone wanted and needed. Two years later, this Baltimore duo returns to coast, float, and wade in their own afterglow. There are few surprises in Bloom, though, I am having a difficult time picking myself off the floor. Whether or not it is due to joy or disappointment will later be assessed.

As with Teen Dream, the first single from Bloom acts as the albums opener and overture. Just like “Zebra,” “Myth” constructs the diffused ballroom for the eventual dream pop waltz. “Myth” is powerful with its hypnotic guitar leads and deep percussion. The song initially heightened the excitement leading up to Bloom‘s release. “Myth” is also a red herring as the rest of Bloom unfolds flatly and without any cause for excitement.

It is slightly unfair for me to review this record as Bloom is above average. The band’s progression from a narcotic sleepwalker to clear headed dancer has been dazzling. Bloom is the natural progression from Teen Dream as Beach House moves away from the sound which brought them fame. Bloom‘s presentation, along side the likes of Chromatics and M83, makes for a strong narrative of 2010’s dream inspired records. Beyond that however, Bloom fails to live up to the muted tragedy and heartbreaking wonder of its predecessor. It is alright. Though, I may need some time by myself.

Besides some wonderful tracks like “The Hours” and “On the Sea,” Bloom does not command the amount of attention which used to come so naturally. Victoria Legrand’s voice does everything it is suppose to do, though without its arresting signature. In the past, time and space came to a crushing halt during tracks like “Take Care,” “Walk In The Park” and Devotion‘s “Gila.” Bloom offers average Beach House tracks which by normal standards are superb. Within my own unfair kingdom of impossible expectations there is communal silence.

I was not always this infatuated with Beach House. Initially, I dismissed the band after hearing Devotion once or twice. This was back in the early Spring of 2008. During a party, however, I heard “Heart of Chambers” play randomly on some stereo in the distance. It wasn’t until halfway through the song that I noticed it playing and though such a short period of time, I immediately became enamored. This infatuation lasted and eventually carried me through the turn of of the decade. I waited patiently for Bloom and have only myself to blame for this disappointment. Perhaps if I kept more of distance, I would have not experienced this aesthetic misfortune. If I had the chance to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.

Beach House // BLOOM // TRACKLIST
Other People
The Hours
New Year
On The Sea

Beach House - Bloom, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-04-24T11:50:59-07:00 rating 3.4 out of 5

3 Responses about “Beach House – Bloom”

  • IheartMUSIC says:

    I think “Bloom” is a great album. Sure, we are all fans of “Teen Dream”. However, I realized a long time ago as a music fan that you can’t compare a Artist past work with their present work. Truthfully, I feel that they started the album where they left off. I think Fans will be quite pleased with the album. It takes a couple of listens BUT it’s a good album.

  • I think it is important that people listen to this record as you said because nothing will be Teen Dream. I am fully prepared for this record to grow on me. Perhaps I was expecting too much at the beginning.

  • VT says:

    Love them but this album is mediocre,full of b-side material and with just few memorable songs;they sound bored,uninspired and clearly having no idea where to go next.