Bars of Gold – Of Gold Bars of Gold – Of Gold

Bars of Gold - Of Gold

Goddamn, this is a breath of fresh air.

Most records are expected. Most come with some fucking “members of” qualification and you either squeal or shrug or gloss right over all the bands you never knew and still don’t know if you should. Some records are recommended if you like music or art or fun or woe or breathing oxygen or being zombified.

But this is fucking out of nowhere.

If it were later in the evening, I would tell you it’s a revelation but here at dusk that might be pushing it. Not by much, though. I never hear banjos or organ or strings in such a seemingly freewheeling but really thoroughly controlled late dustbowl dreaming punk rock sweat off the Zappa kids to make Beefheart the real fucking avant American madman way.

And there are guitars, man. Big guitars. And drums filling everything with vocal that hook and soar and rumble like the last just man might when he knows his time is coming soon.

So I’ll just tell you it’s exciting.

Like, REALLY, fucking exciting.

In that hyperactive nerd way we music geeks get when we hear something we never imagined and suddenly anyone who can stand sitting within spitting distance is forced to hear “Heaven Has a Heater” while we smirk and sniffle, wide-eyed as a cocaine mute sputtering whatever words come to mind with shameless intensity.

It’s also great to clap along to or fight, if you are so inclined.

Like nouveau blues for a Tuesday night.

Bars of Gold - Of Gold, reviewed by Charles on 2011-02-16T10:12:11-08:00 rating 4.4 out of 5

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