Bambounou – Alpha EP Bambounou – Alpha EP

Bambounou - Alpha EP

Well holy shit. When people discuss multiple subgenres they usually point their finger at heavy metal for having superfluous categories related to their music. Many people do not say the same thing about electronic music for two important reasons. One: the majority of the population groups every style of electronic inspired music into “techno” or “electronica” and two: the genre development of electronic music moves at such an incredible speed it is almost impossible to keep up.

Electronic music operates at another level — one where styles, fusions and derivations are created so fast, things on the outside seem to move in slow motion. The last 20 years of British electronic music is so mind boggling it is almost intimidating to get a foothold. Let us begin at UK Funky which was one of the derivatives formed from UK Garage, which was the European alternative to the American Garage House. UK Funky combined deep house with African and tribal rhythms with a mélange of 5 year old electronic styles. This article would be easier if I was discussing a British artist but we must then take this style and jump the channel into France.

-throws notecards onto the floor-

Bambounou is the name of an up and coming music producer who takes UK funky, Garage and 2 Step and creates a nuclear reaction which slows town time and space. The producer is apart of the venerable Younggunz label which has also been making a name for French electronic music which lies outside of electro-house arena. Things maybe confusing at first but Bambounou’s Alpha EP is nearly arresting and forces me to try and trace its origins.

The four songs presented on the Alpha EP are not only versatile but strange in their thesis and origin. “Alpha” sounds like listening to dubstep in deep space while “Heroic deeds” is so rooted in soulful deep house, it is almost impossible not to keep checking back foo references. Bambounou further complicates this EP by having four equally interesting remixes from various other producers including the hyperdub/planet mu artist Ikonika.

The Alpha EP‘s odd and complex album art is indicative of the near 42 minutes which will follow. While it probably will not get your guests dancing at a party, it will provide at least some conversation starter starting with your long and complicated british electronic history speech. Bambounou is worth anyone’s attention despite their level of involvement with electronic music. Whether or not you still think everything is “techno” or you have at least three bassline singles in your record collection, it is better to jump into the deep end. Fuck everything else and come on it. The water is fine and oddly complex.

Dock Request
Heroic Deeds
Divided By Zero
Alpha (Teeth remix)
Dock Request (Lunice remix)
Heroic Deeds (Darling Farah remix)
Divided By Zero (Ikonika remix)

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