Atmosphere – The Family Sign Atmosphere – The Family Sign

Atmosphere - The Family Sign

Wow, Slug and the Sluggettes, commonly referred to as Atmosphere, just claimed about three points on my “current emotion-to-music I’m listening to”, 2-dimensional graph. Not to get all High School Algebra on you, but I just did. Fuck around in Excel, graph that shit.

Prior to The Family Sign, Atmosphere was, well, fantastic. Once. Not gonna lie, or hide a bias, I’ve been a huge fan. But over the past few releases, the music and lyrics seemed a little stale. Atmosphere wasn’t so much a group as it was a conduit for Slug to rhyme clever, unconventional lyrics; not inherently terrible, just old. But The Family Sign is different.

The Family Sign is actually a group effort for Atmosphere. The song and the lyric work in balance for the first time since… (quick google search)…Overcastin 1997. Wow. Shit’s been The Slug Show for over 10 years(!). So what changed? The MC/DJ formula had been enough to develop and maintain a fanbase, but I’m guessing if I felt it, others did as well; it was time to shake things up a bit. So Atmosphere added a guitarist and a keyboardist to The Family Sign and damn, it works.

We saw the dirty, scuzzy blues guitar work with hip hop a couple years ago with the Black Keys Blakroc project, and I can’t help but get a similar feel from this album. Instruments make music. What a crazy concept. Now throw a rejuvenated Slug into the dirty cauldron and Atmosphere has something of a new sound that they’ve fully committed to in The Family Sign. But don’t mistake this somewhat new direction with a departure of style and swagger, because Slug still brings it, just now the rest of the group is adding dimensions that haven’t been there for what seems like a very long time. I mean seriously, how much cooler was “The Social Network” because of the creepy ominous Trent Reznor music? Noticeably fantastic, right? Well, I’m not saying Atmosphere is all Trent Reznor-y now, but it’s palpable how all the elements in The Family Sign have manifested into something more.

1. My Key
2. The Last to Say
3. Became
4. Just For Show
5. She’s Enough
6. Bad Bad Daddy
7. Millennium Dodo
8. Who I’ll Never Be
9. I Don’t Need Brighter Days
10. Ain’t Nobody
11. Your Name Here
12. If You Can Save Me Now
13. Something So
14. My Notes

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