Araabmuzik – Electronic Dream Araabmuzik – Electronic Dream

Araabmuzik- Electronic Dream

Rhode island native Araabmuzik has emerged in hip-hop circles as of late thanks to his affiliation with Dipset founder Cam’ron. Araabmuzik(Abraham Orellana to his mom) has been working essentially as a producer for hire, working with Dipset and other clients to make rap beats that both borrow heavily from electronics’ darkest moments and , crucially- sound sinister as fuck. Such a distinct approach to beat-making however also points at the fact that Orellana has a few ideas of his own, and on Electronic Dream Araabmuzik does his vision proud.

The crux of it is this: Electronic Dream takes some of the cheesiest, most laughable, most obscure and downright awful trance and club music and works them around hip hop beats. No rhymes, no vocals- except what the likes of Kaskade and Starchaser offer up in their original “hits”- Electronic Dream is an instrumental affair. From what I’ve read, the general mixing and mastering of this album is woeful. The first note on mixing I could find in regards to this album was that it sounded like it had been mastered by “Van Gogh’s left ear”. I confess to having little or no knowledge on such matters. Do I like the sound of vinyl better? Yes. Would I know the difference if you blindfolded me? Probably not. However even my common pleb ear sensed that something was amiss on Electronic Dream. I have several of these tracks on a playlist, and even if I have the volume turned up about halfway on one of my quiet numbers, one of these tracks will come on and blow my head off. It’s loud. Also, from the second track onwards, be prepared to be greeted every 60 seconds or so with a robot from 1984 declaring “You’re now listening to Araabmuzik”. I’ve checked- it’s not my (legal of course) copy, it’s actually meant to be there. This guy wants you to be interrupted with this.

Still interested? Good on ye. I have no illusions that Electronic Dream is to be filed swiftly into my ‘Guilty Pleasures’ folder, and so it is. The thing about guilty pleasures however, is that invariably the more lewd or obscene they are- the more pleasure there is to be had. The opening of “Lift Off” for example sounds like what the Jersey Shore guys would listen to before they either hit the gym or hit the clubs. Or both. The hard hitting drum beats and spooky ghost town noises in the background? Not so much.

Thankfully, not all of Electronic Dream evokes embarrassed enjoyment- some of it is very, very good. The quick, euphoric one two of “Electronic Dream” and “Streetz Tonight” is the best moment on the album, the former lifting the mood up to gentle heights- all the time playing with trashy dance music in one hand and good, instrumental hip-hop music in the other- the former a more grounded take on Kaskade’s “4am” which ebbs and flows before- as much of this album does- making way for fist-pumping bliss. See also “AT2” which grooves and shuffles- the chords themselves not a million miles away from the likes of Washed Out, but the skittering hi-hats and beats unmistakably from the world of hip-hop.

One of the main reasons why Electronic Dream is so morish is because of how catchy it is. There must have been some people listening to trance music or else it wouldn’t still be around, and we wouldn’t be reminded of another new club anthems compilation every other fortnight. Much as it pains me to say it, as it turns out, some of that stuff is quite catchy. Not that Araab ever borrows more than a vocal sample, or a hook or two here and there- but he’s certainly made something that’s hard to put down here. Trashy, rough around the edges, at times cringe worthy but ultimately catchy as fuck- You’re now listening to Araabmuzik.

1. Electronic Dream
2. Streetz Tonight
3. Golden Touch
4. Free Spirit
5. Underground Stream
6. Make It Happen
7. Lift Off
8. AT2
9. Let It Go
0. Feelin’ So Hood
11. Lost In A Maze

Araabmuzik - Electronic Dream, reviewed by Lemon on 2011-07-21T10:59:52-07:00 rating 4.1 out of 5

2 Responses about “Araabmuzik – Electronic Dream”

  • Ben says:

    Seriously Lemon when did you get into the Ibiza club scene?

  • Lemon says:

    Haha I know man. It’s so cheesy- but I love it. I have to turn it down when my mom walks past my room in case she starts to worry.