Another Damn Disappointment – Relentless Another Damn Disappointment – Relentless

Another Damn Disappointment - Relentless

Another Damn Disappointment - Relentless

It’s very trendy to be “That Band” that doesn’t fit in one genre, musical category or style. Every band wants to be different, unlike all the others; a very understandable goal. However, what we usually get, as listeners, is a jack of all trades–master of none.
That is why a “Relentless”, the latest release by Sacramento’s Another Damn Disappointment (A.D.D.) is such a refreshing contribution to the world of music.
A.D.D. is a punk band, and this is punk-fucking-rock.
You won’t hear a ska-punk hybrid, or scream-O band trying to get chicks and act tough. What you will hear is a hard punk album; straight ahead and in your face, with classic punk themes like sticking it to “the man” and getting shitfaced on the road – styles and themes that punk rock seems to have drifted away from in order to keep up with the flavor-of-the-month trends in pop-music and to avoid being pigeon-holed as “just another punk band”.  However, on “Relentless”, A.D.D., seems less concerned with broadening their target demographic, and more focused on ripping hard and offering fans of punk music a much needed return to the fast music and swagger we used to know and love.
Since their last release “Hooligan”, A.D.D. has added a second guitar and a new drummer, creating a very cohesive sound with subtle depths, similar to Thai food; layered, complex flavor, fast delivery, and fucking awesome.
“Relentless” flows pretty seamlessly from beginning to end, with familiar allusions to bands like AFI on “Bullets” and the opening track “Blinded”. You may also be reminded of punk mainstays Millencolin and Lagwagon throughout “Relentless”. But to get a taste A.D.D.’s unique flavor of heavy guitar, vocals and attitude; “You Lose”, “Calling Out” and “Tragedy” are all tracks that will make you want to reshape your faux-hawk back into a mohawk and scratch “punx not dead” on your trapper keeper.

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  • Benjamin Halverson says:

    I got this album when I saw them open for Authority Zero. It’s easily the best $5 dollar album I’ve ever bought, in my top 10 for any album and they are by far and away better live than on disc. This is a fucking AWESOME band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!