Anna Ternheim – Leaving On A Mayday Anna Ternheim – Leaving On A Mayday

Anna Ternheim - Leaving On A Mayday

Anna Ternheim - Leaving On A Mayday

As the 3rd album by the Swedish singer/songwriter, Leaving On A Mayday is a highly contemplative and richly melodic journey driven by haunting vocals, emotional lyrics and a variety of instrumental arrangements. Combining the ambience of lounge bass, folky acoustics and wind, string and percussion instruments from a wide range of world music regions, the music accompanying the vocals lays an interesting avant-garde dimension beneath the often brooding vocals.
Depending on your musical disposition, it is easy to see how one might find this album overly downtrodden and borderline depressing. However it is impossible to resist the sensitive vulnerability of the soul from which this music is pouring. While it may not be something you would listen to before you go out at night, it is a specimen of genuine artistic expression, which is not only refreshing but necessary in the context of today’s pervasively worthless pop music.
Leaving On A Mayday is a beautiful album that courageously showcases the deep emotions of love, faith, fear, regret and freedom from a true artist. Painful-yet-rewarding music that makes you look inside and feel things you don’t want to feel, but you know you need to. The music and lyrics have a penetrating sincerity that insists on being taken to heart and, once convinced, the heart is grateful for doing so.

The Point: It’s like a deep-tissue massage for the soul – painful in the beginning, euphoric at the end. I’ll take downtrodden over watered-down any day.

Track Listing:
1. What Have I Done
2. Damaged Ones
3. Terrified
4. Let It Rain
5. My Heart Still Beats For You
6. No, I Don’t Remember
7. Summer Rain
8. Losing You
9. Off The Road
10. Black Sunday Afternoon

Anna Ternheim - Leaving On A Mayday, reviewed by Wedsie on 2009-09-17T00:53:44-07:00 rating 3.3 out of 5

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