Andrew McMahon / Barcelona @ The Great American Music Hall – 3.23.13 Andrew McMahon / Barcelona @ The Great American Music Hall – 3.23.13

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Seattle trio, Barcelona, serenaded the Great American Music Hall to a sold out crowd (who were eagerly awaiting Andrew McMahon’s performance). The indie rock band had a great reception from the crowd although the audience didn’t seem to know much of the band’s material. Lead singer, Brian Fennell, kept the crowd entertained by providing background stories for some of their songs. This easily palatable band is positioned to do quite well within the same demographic as McMahon’s loyal followers.

When the lights dimmed for Andrew McMahon‘s arrival, the wail of the sold-out crowd was indicative of his devoted fan base. The Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin front man has had a tumultuous history (severe medical issues, relationship troubles, etc.) which serve as the basis for his piano-driven rock songs. The young audience was a smattering of women and men in their twenties who have followed him since his Something Corporate years. All of them equally belting out his lyrics in unison. Andrew delivered a powerful set, backed by a gathering of former and current band mates, consisting of 16 songs and a 2 song encore. It should be noted that one of his encore songs was Something Corporate’s b-side hit, “Konstantine,” which he announced hadn’t been played in a very long time. The fans joined him for every word during his 9-minute ballad which reminded everyone of their love-laced high school years. He eventually sent the crowd off with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces.


Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon Set:
1. Holiday From Real
2. I Woke Up in a Car
3. The Mixed Tape
4. Synesthesia
5. Watch the Sky
6. The Resolution
7. What Gets You Off?
8. Straw Dog
9. Television
10. Swim
11. Learn to Dance
12. Punk Rock Princess
13. La la lie
14. Hammers and Strings
15. Jordan
16. Bruised
17. Konstantine
18. Dark Blue

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