And the Giraffe – Something for Someone And the Giraffe – Something for Someone

I would like to take this moment to formally apologize to And the Giraffe for never properly reviewing their recent EP Something for Someone. I’m not sure what happened there. I’d like to tell them that my life was consumed with drink and drugs and long nights with loose women but I doubt very sincerely that was the case. In fact, my days have been pretty mundane lately which may be all that accounts for this terribly tender work going unmentioned in our pages until Nick Roberts (vocals, guitar, etc.) recently contacted us to share the debut of their video for album opener, “Underground Love” (you’ll find that clip, directed by Harrison Sanborn, below) and I realized how foolish I’d been for sitting on it.

Consider this my partial amends.

And the Giraffe is principally two best friends: the aforementioned Roberts and Josh Morris. Somewhere last summer, they hunkered down in Roberts’ Gainesville bedroom and recorded the six tracks that would become Something for Someone with the help of friends Robert Edmondson and Malcolm Martin. They released the EP (for free) via their bandcamp page where it’s waiting for you today.

They also sell handmade CDs which they certainly don’t have to but And the Giraffe loves you…at least, I hope they do.

Any band that weaves such dreamy trysts of lilting folk must have hearts the size of the Arctic that just cry, in the night, for someone to care about. And it could be you or it could be her or him or everyone at once and always until the sun sets last in the west and all that’s left is a sigh left on the breeze.

I’d say that’s right, isn’t it? I mean, just look at the clip below. Just listen on the right. These Southern hearts just love themselves some love and don’t need to grow cabin beards to show it. Not when they’re rolling in such a frail, coffee whisper over distended balladeering that calls to mind those long passages of aching hope Explosions in the Sky trademarked in their employ to get to the biggest crash their bleeding hands could manage before they collapsed in front of the Lone Star flag.

Only this record never implodes nor does it ever reach for anything but gentle, gentle sadness.

And I sure do like it (don’t get me wrong) but after six songs of seeming sameness, my brain gets tired. My teeth grow restless and I need to shatter this wan cage of feelings to get my heart back up racing.


I guess what I’m saying is that there will be days…well, maybe not days but precious moments where the light’s just right and the world’s stopped spinning when Something for Someone will make perfect sense. The rest of the time you spend on this earth will pass by just fine without it.

And the Giraffe - Something for Someone, reviewed by Charles on 2012-02-06T05:12:08-08:00 rating 3.1 out of 5

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