Anberlin @ House of Blues (Dallas) – 10.24.14 Anberlin @ House of Blues (Dallas) – 10.24.14

Photos by Sean Berry Photography


Ed. Note: It is the end of an era for a band that meant so much to so many. From their earnest young beginnings on the often misjudged but damn bold Tooth & Nail (faith being a curious and oft cursed thing) through their major label excursions and back round again for their swan song, Lowborn, Anberlin has staked a claim as one of Florida’s finest exports, swaddling metal, pop and electronica in an emotional clarion roused from the mouth of one Stephen Christian whose nude truth is just the manner of power the kids that were forgiven to profit points by once charismatic enclaves of earnestness (I’m looking at you, U2) SO fucking needed to hold onto. I was, sadly, too busy with my own mess to adhere to even on step of their ascent but Sean Berry was right there throughout and so it is with an unexpected sense of woe that we present his pristine evidence of the band’s last go round in Texas. Raise a glass, friends. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

Pics of Anberlin @ House of Blues (Dallas) – 10.24.14

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