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Airwaves EP

Airwaves EP

It is 9:05 in the morning and I’ve posted myself up against a window at the Sacramento airport. As I’m sitting on the floor awaiting my flight back to San Diego I decide to start my review of the new self-titled Air Waves EP. I take out my laptop and plug in my headphones, push play and listen.

Experiences at airports tend to be full of wonderful accidents, chance coincidences and outright randomness. When you enter the airport there are sweet kisses and warm embraces, tears and sad goodbyes, but when you get past security and go to your gate you enter a type of purgatory. A waiting area where people are going off into all directions, never to really meet again. I find it quite calming to slow down from the pace of society, just to sit and wait. The Air Waves trio, headed by the lead singer/guitarist Nicole Schneit provokes this same type of relief from reality.

In times of hardship and economic recession, music plays an important role in people’s lives. A lo fi indie band from Brooklyn, Air Waves 5 track EP screams escapism. It is such a tempting notion to be able to escape and enter into musical simplicity, where life’s complicated series of events are dissolved. There are painless chord progressions, and easy beats that flow smoothly with the vocals. The distortion of sound creates a trance feel without burying the lyrics. Schneit’s fragile, syrupy voice has an honest sound. It is reminiscent of the insecurities you feel while trying to make something look effortless instead of uncomfortably awkward. I can see why so many people have described this band as genuine. They are like how John Mayor was before he became a pretentious asshole.

The Air Waves relieve anxiety, calm the soul, and don’t expect too much from you. Unfortunately, this unique type of music can lack the tone variation, and instrumental emphasis needed to build a strong emotional response. Listening to Air Waves can be similar to taking an anti-anxiety Xanax. It is the perfect escape from feeling too much, because it lacks the right amount of passion. So, where does that leave the heart? Schneit is not mundane or monotone, but sounds somewhat disinterested, or separated. For it is not what you play, that can be brilliant, but it is how you play it that ultimately gets someone to push repeat. This is not to say that the band isn’t going to rock the music world with their sweet melodies and innocent charm. Because Air Waves has great potential to grow beyond “a comfort band.” The last track, Keys, has a strong pulse unlike the rest, with a catchy nonsensical chorus that almost makes you think twice philosophically. And I’m sure there are people out there that need to pop some musical Xanax, or, like me, prepare to relax before a flight. Air Waves will now absorb my attention for the next hour till take off, where I’ll inevitably be forced to leave the sanctuary I have created.

Air Waves EP, reviewed by Bootsie on 2009-10-06T14:12:45-07:00 rating 3.4 out of 5

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