Against Me! – White Crosses Against Me! – White Crosses

Against Me! - White Crosses

Against Me! - White Crosses”

You don’t get to have adventures when you are an adult. You get to pay taxes and you get to register your car. When you grow up the pain and chaos of a youth misspent can easily become just another faded memory. But every now and then we get to experience a piece of auditory art that brings us back.

Enter: the upcoming Against Me album.

A punk rock saga that revels in reluctant trips back home, the loss of loved ones, the dissolution of relationships and manages to make even the stupidity of youth seem nostalgic.

Enter: the stupidity of my youth

While I was thirteen my favorite accomplice and I were set loose in Lake Havasu, Arizona. It was a week that proved Murphy’s Law. There was a brief tropical storm, there were bikinis, there were jet skis, there was an exploding speed boat and there was one flying shopping cart. Every group of boats moored together was a potential Girls Gone Wild set; every evening we were listening to Bad Religion, Good Riddance, and NOFX.  At nights the parental supervision would sleep and we would depart the hotel on foot as two pilgrims in a foreign land in search of adventure. Even with 2 AM approaching, it was a dry heat.

We walked through places that were shoulder to shoulder during the day and ghost towns after sundown. I have no idea where we found the shopping cart but we decided to take it with us. Hyped up on Dr. Pepper, we were crossing the famous relocated London Bridge and decided to dispatch the cart to the bottom of the channel below. It hung in the air forever. The splash was epic. It was stupidest, coolest thing in the world. It still is. It disappeared into the water almost as quickly as we disappeared from what was surely now a crime scene. The cops would no doubt be there any minute so we sprinted a few blocks and then tried to act casual.

Although that shopping cart probably still lies rusting under that bridge, in my mind, it lives suspended in mid air seconds before a dramatic splash and the violent redistribution of water. White Crosses the new Against Me album lives there too. It is sure to tickle your punk rock bones and a few others you didn’t know you had.

Enter: the play button

When I put on White Crosses I remember my first punk rock summer. My heart beats a little faster, my vision gets a little sharper, my ability to make good decisions falters and I have an overwhelming desire to throw large objects off of larger elevated objects. Through and through it is a good album. It balances precariously between sentimentality and straight up punk rock but doesn’t leave you wanting on either side of the fulcrum.

Against Me! - White Crosses, reviewed by Evanlee on 2010-05-24T15:20:30-07:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

6 Responses about “Against Me! – White Crosses”

  • rowe says:

    I once listened to Against Me, couldnt even get through this album one time around. This just isnt the same band…shame.

  • Charles says:

    Remember “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong”? Jesus. Just thinking about this song makes me shudder. This record makes me feel like an A&R getting stoned in Berkley.

  • Ben says:

    I had to listen to this album in 5 different parts because I couldn’t make it through a whole go without putting on something decent.
    For anyone to identify this in anyway as punk rock is a joke. “I was a teenage anarchist / do you remember when you were young and wanted to set the world on fire.”
    Maybe there are a bunch of 16 year old kids, who just had Mom cut their curfew, who can rebel by blasting this in the BMW Dad bought. Beyond that this is the definition of disposable music.

  • This is such a positive review. I wish I could feel this way about this record, but it’s terrible.
    I get that Gabel has grown up, we all do eventually, I don’t hold that, or the “selling out” thing against him (ha) but this record? Could do better.

  • evanlee says:

    LOL. It’s not amazing. If you liked their last album, which I did, you might be inclined to give it a second or two. This is a punk rock band aging. IT IS NEVER A PRETTY THING. For Against me this is definately going to be last hurrah. I mean what can you expect from Tom Gabel? He just had his first Kid and he is 29. Other punk rock bands called it quits before they got in their 30’s, some contiued to try and play the same shit only managing to disgrace themselves. I can’t be the only person in the world who liked The Offspring way back when (seriously I can’t the numbers are on my side). This is a “good” album. It isn’t an imidiate listen too album, but since I had to review it, I felt the responsibility to listen to it in entirery several times through, I’ll admit at first I wanted to throw my IPOD, I was hoping to hear something like “Thrash Unreal” from the New Wave album but it just wasn’t on this album. However the stories and the memories on it were in depth and all somewhat connected, something most bands of this genre can’t manage as well. I like albums that have a cohesive feeling.

    Having said that, I knew I was asking for it when I wrote this. Out of the two reviews I have done this one seems to have gotten more traffic though…. better to strike a nerve than miss completely. And I still like (not love) this album.

  • fred says:

    Horrific review. A whole page of meaningless, unrelated nostalgic bullshit and then 20 words giving very general praise of the album. Next time talk about the music instead of yourself.