Afropunk 2015 Artist Spotlight: Young Paris Afropunk 2015 Artist Spotlight: Young Paris

photo: Cedric Sequerra

photo: Cedric Sequerra

It’s easy to forget that revolutionary music can actually be enjoyable and that a voice of global consciousness can opine readily in the context of rhythm and melody over beats that send the body shivering to free the mind in communal ecstasy. And that’s funny because the best way to get the people to hear you calling from the distant shores of righteous determination is to provide them safe passage and welcome entry.

Young Paris does just that with his decidedly infectious new stake in the hollowed ground of Afrofuturism, combining New York electro cum Franco clash beats with a prismatic flow and deep debt to his Congolese heritage to create total party music for the betterment of all peoples PLUS he’s been known to display his efforts in magnificent multimedia performances which feature no fewer that five of his nine siblings, painted, dancing and electric.

So, yeah…this gig’ll be big time.

(and, yeah, the Arcade Fire are MASSIVE fans)

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