Afropunk 2015 Artist Spotlight: Death Grips Afropunk 2015 Artist Spotlight: Death Grips

fun-fun-fun-fest-day-2-cn-5795Yeah, I know you don’t need me to hype Death Grips but I’m going to because no matter what the fuck all manner of petty punk nihilistic bullshit they’ve pulled over their brief career of high concept, low groaning histrionics, the fact of the matter is they’re one of the most inspiring bands to break mirrors over this young century of ours and the fact that they’ve managed to keep their act together for the entirety of this “posthumous” tour is pretty incredible and I guess should be something worth celebrating even if sly readers might sniff out a PR stunt or potential for mercurial implosion just on the horizon of Commodore Park but, whatever man, because I’m pumped not just because they’ve got to have their menace down tight to keep their bleak yen risen this long but because the only other time I saw them play was right after I first saw B L A C K I E which, most anyone within spitting distance knows, was one of the most transformative musical experiences of my life and so Death Grips has always reeked of a certain contrived anticlimax (despite my slavish devotion to their digital output) but this weekend I have the opportunity to watch them unencumbered by the Houston maverick.

Well, not really…but that’s a whole other pot to boil.

Long and short is, if the stars stay aligned and Lucifer can keep his rising sign, then come Saturday we’ll all get to feast on a ragged bouquet of agitated snakes and be thankful we live in this time.

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