Afropunk 2015 Artist Spotlight: Candiria Afropunk 2015 Artist Spotlight: Candiria

11232022_10153989745234062_817936511734092856_nWhat the WHAT?!?!? Dudes, this is for real. Way back when metal was first letting itself get made over with all manner of hardcore hysterics, rhythmic invention, hip hop approval and ambient worship (which would lead alternately to post hardcore and nu metal among other less headache inducing genres) there was this cruel little band from Brooklyn, NY called Candiria coming to light and – GODDAMN – did they ever have it right. Chugging. Riffing. Rapping. Jazzing. Barking Coltrane solos to the red moon over the burdened beasts that prowled the streets mumbling this and that about “reality” and “pride” and “NYHC 4 EVA” or some such nonsense.

They sent me their demo when I was in high school. Till has it now because I couldn’t handle it. I saw them once open for Neurosis at Tramp’s and I just didn’t know what in the fuck all to make of their “urban fusion” but I banged my head in appreciation, anyway, as the grunts tried find the beatdown rhythm because that’s what you do when you know a band’s right even if it’ll take you half a lifetime to find them.

And then they almost died, right? I think one or two of them did. I’m not sure but tragedy and hardship always seemed synonymous with this group so I’m WAY psyched to see that they’re playing this shindig. If ever there was a band that deserved a broader place in the light that’s seen the art of extremism come to life, it’s Candiria.

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