Afropunk 2013 Artist Spotlight: Unlocking the Truth Afropunk 2013 Artist Spotlight: Unlocking the Truth

photo via AVClub

photo via A.V. Club

When we talk about punk, we often talk mohawks, violence, boredom and bygone days. When we talk about metal, we usually grumble on some deep, dark annals of cryptic European pain. When we talk Brooklyn, we’re usually drunk and pissed off. I’m pretty sure we’ve never EVER talked preteens. So it’s with great and curious pride that the first band we highlight for this weekend’s Afropunk Festival (now in its 9th year) is a trio of WAY underaged metalheads from Bushwick called Unlocking the Truth who first came to our attention via a Noisey/Vice and whose capacity for maximum thunder and ruthless shredding coupled with an attitude of prime righteousness (the good kind) has had our jaws strapped to the floor for months now. Seriously. These kids are the real deal. Punk as ever fuck. “Heavy Metal is in their blood. That is why they do it so well.” They play the Green Stage on Saturday, 8/24 at 4:30. All Hail.

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