Adam Green – Minor Love Adam Green – Minor Love

Adam Green – Minor Love

Adam Green – Minor Love

Adam Green reminds me of if Andy Warhol arrogantly set out to rip off J.D. Salinger’s, Catcher In the Rye character, Holden Caulfield. He seems to have a curious obsession with the idea of celebrity, and contentment with the inevitable fatalism of society.  Adam Green’s newest album Minor Love, is meant to represent this idea that there is “nothing to look forward to,” but is arguably a fatal attempt at acting out.

Adam green should stick to what he is good at, and that’s anti-folk music integrated with lo-fi comedic pop. A former member of The Moldy Peaches with Kimya Dawson, a band popularized by the major motion picture JUNO, mixed a lightweight matter-of-fact realism with innocent melodies. An art for art’s sake style that doesn’t require any heavy meaning, but remains tailored to the entertainment of everyone’s inner childlike weirdness.  Adam Green’s songwriting seeks to find lyrics that purposefully make you smile uncomfortably. In the Minor Love song, “Bathing birds”“ he sings, “Mind your pubis/find more shmucks.” A purely blunt approach, that brings to mind a humorously evasive version of Beat Happening. Adam Green may never reunite with Kimya Dawson, but his past solo albums are more musically coherent with his vocal timbre than in Minor Love.

Adam Green’s style of pathetically nonchalant vocals would be more traditionally balanced by going with an ambient pop rhythm, or lo-fi folk melody. In the album Minor Love, Adam Green throws off this natural equilibrium by mixing cheesy inner monologue with 70’s guitar rifts, and Johnny Cash style Karaoke; with the exception of a couple songs like “Oh Shucks”. His solo albums have mostly consisted of playing almost all the instruments himself; the problem with Minor Love, is not that the instruments overshadow the lyrics, but that the instrumental tone of the album does not go with his “I have no energy to care,” apathetic voice.

It’s just awkward and aggravating to hear his light, disinterested lyrics trying to get in bed with blues and old country rock.  In the song, “Boss Inside,” he sings, “He wanted me to kill him/ but I took his life instead.”  Blues are rare and heavy, and you can’t create the blues if you are indifferently singing THOUGHTS rather than EMOTIONS. In the song, “Cigarettes Burn Forever,” Adam Green sings, “I fell into a life of leisure/ I saw to a path of pleasure/ and don’t it make it so much better/ to find a cigarette that burns forever.” Throughout Minor Love, his sins and desires are just there, just blah blah blah.

Adam Green is not going to be the next Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, or Bob Dylan. No matter how many cigarettes, messy hair-dos and vintage style music videos he creates. His best song is “Castles and Tassels,” because it sounds the most like himself. Adam Green still has originality due to his, thinking out loud lyrics. He can be deep and nonsensical, or just poking fun at Jessica Simpson.

Adam Green – Minor Love, reviewed by Bootsie on 2010-03-30T13:25:10-07:00 rating 2.1 out of 5

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