Abominable Iron Sloth – The Id Will Overcome Abominable Iron Sloth – The Id Will Overcome

Abominable Iron Sloth - The Id Will Overcome

Abominable Iron Sloth - The Id Will Overcome

Well here it is. The newest release from sludge metal trolls; Abominable Iron Sloth. Before I put on my metal trousers, let us first begin with some introductions. Sludge metal was a milestone in the development of Heavy Metal; taking the slowed sound of Doom and marrying it with the intensity of Hardcore Punk. The history of Sludge, particularly the Southern scene, is fascinating given the right amount of patience and membrane surrounding eardrum. Early albums from The Melvins, Acid Bath, Buzzov*en and Eyehategod still stand as a foundation to a style which sounds like a bludgeoning wet hammer.

If one was interested in charting the progression of Sludge, they would find some remarkable developments in the 00’s. The style which was once retained to drug addled ballads of apathy and remorse has grown into sober headed ballads of apathy and remorse.  While I jest, the new Sludge acts appear to have more of a direction and cause which marks a distinction against their mosquito bitten grandfathers.

In 2006, Abominable Iron Sloth released an eponymous debut which was an unadulterated right cross delivered by a large grizzly bear.  Four years later, line up changes and rumored health problems, AIS returns with The Id Will Over Come. The Id, in Freudian psychology, is the mental apparatus which is controlled by rudimentary instincts. The Id is dark, chaotic and awesome as oppose to the superego which is what I believe looks like a frail bookworm with glasses.  At times, I enjoy heavy music for its satiation for primal ferocity. Heavy music can be comforting when one desires to break furniture and digest raw meat. If the Id ever had a soundtrack, this record would fit it perfectly.

The Id Will Overcome sends you careening down a hill of jumping over thorn bushes and breaking through your neighbors newly painted fence. The heaviness of this record, while polished and groomed, never feels diluted or forced. The vocals are presented with a feeling of planting a flag in the summit of a mountain or raising a battle axe before vanquishing a legion of enemies. These war cries and blood shrieks add to the charm, giving an extra grizzly punch on top of  low end chaos.  The energy of Abominable Iron Sloth is so massive, it could easily be broken into two or three weaker yet still passable sludge groups.

While the The Id will Overcome is entertaining, it sometimes lacks the innovation necessary to make it a memorable record.  The downside of AIS is their stubbornness to explore the boundaries of heavy music. While the levels spike to 10 in the first two seconds (and doesn’t let up until the end), rarely does this album offer any counter points or surprises. For what AIS lacks in innovation, they offer a suitable exchange of crisp textbook riffs coupled with a distinctive rasp (which sounds like someone scaring the living shit out of you.) Whether you’re a fan of heavy music or not, Abominable Iron Sloth is worth a listen if not for the band name alone.

Abonible Iron Sloth – The Id Will Overcome Track List

1. I Destroy
2. A Nation Of Ignorants
3. Slugs In A Salt Circle
4. Two Black Helicopters
5. Mongoroid
6. Nineties Male
7. The Id Will Overcome
8. Big Iron Door
9. Tramp Stamp
10. Killimanjaro Dreamin’
11. Heterodox Nonconformists
12. The Timely Death Of Billy Mays

Abominable Iron Sloth - The Id Will Overcome, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2010-06-24T10:52:40-07:00 rating 3.4 out of 5

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