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A Weather - Everyday Balloons

A Weather - Everyday Balloons

Don’t bring a shotgun to a water gun party; you don’t have to assault someone to make a powerful and lasting impression. Like a woman’s hair gently grazing over her bare shoulder as she subtly flips it behind her, delicacy can be quite potent. A Weather’s sophomore release Everyday Balloons demonstrates the bands amazing ability to create beautiful music about emotions so complicated that most people couldn’t even verbalize them.

A Weather’s gentle sound is something best suited for tea and a log fire, while sitting on an off color papasan chair in an old cabin with faded canary paint chipping off. That’s not a knock on the music; it’s just not something you’ll be listening to while you get ready to test your liver’s pain threshold on a Saturday night. Everyday Balloons is soft in its approach but in no way is it Emo music. It shares none of the prejudices you associate with Emo. There is no pandering for sympathy, no whiny undertones, no sudden urges to dial self help hotlines or place a box of yellow ribbons on order.

It’s refreshing to hear something so unassuming. A Weather comes across as genuine, which is one of the most difficult feats a band can manage. The first track on the album “Third Of Life”, is a highlight as it is immediately engrossing and endearing. It’s one of the faster metered and longest songs off Everyday Balloons. With a well portioned amount of distorted guitar to back up the signature harmonizing of vocals, it sets a foundation for the rest of the effort. Another gem is “Midday Moon.” The lyrics are incredibly vivid, and even though it’s composed with only piano and vocals, it still manages to surround you in a mist of music so thick that you can taste it.

Some albums have a very wide range of situations in which they’re appropriate to listen to; Everyday Balloons isn’t that. But that may be the only knock against this album, and it’s not much of a knock. Music this focused is rare to find outside a concept album. The amount of attention that went into this album is striking and evident in the deliberate track selections and fine production. Everyday Balloons is a perfect example of how to create an album that will come across as intimate to people from very different walks of life.

1.) Third Of Life
2.) Winded
3.) Ducks
4.) Seven Blankets
5.) Midday Moon
6.) Newfallen
7.) No Big Hope
8.) Fond
9.) Happiness
10.) Giant Stairs
11.) Lay Me Down

A Weather - Everyday Balloons, reviewed by Big Ben on 2010-03-10T15:36:18-08:00 rating 4.2 out of 5

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