A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose

A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose

A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose

Admittedly this was my first time listening to A.A. Bondy. It’s a pretty good sign though that when listening to Bondy’s sophomore release When The Devil’s Loose that I immediately went and sought out his 2007 debut American Hearts. The two albums have a different feel, and that’s largely due to the addition of a full band on When The Devil’s Loose that was not at all present on the 2007 debut. In stark opposition to the fierce title and cover art chosen for the new release I found When The Devil’s Loose to be a very earnest and relaxing album.

Bondy’s new release spanns a wide spectrum of genre’s including: Blues, Indie-Folk (and more traditional Folk), Alt-Country and Americana. Covering that vast expanse of music landscape is made all the more impressive by the fact that the release is a brisk 36 minutes. For some artists meshing together so many different influences in such a short effort could lead to an inconsistent album. However with Bondy’s latest release the cohesive sound is a distinct strong point. You get the feeling that this album was very meticulously crafted and the tracks were all chosen with a purpose of achieving a collective sound across the album rather than the release being a mishmash of single tracks.

One of the most exemplary songs off When The Devil’s Loose is “A Slow Parade” which plays off the opposition of an electric guitar rhythm and a silky piano harmony. Bondy’s voice is unique and soothing but it’s surpassed by his ability to create thick and vivid imagery through his lyrics. Listening to his words you actually begin to feel the weight of the world that he has experienced. Rather than this being a burden or creating an experience that demands the listener to be in a serious mood, it has a calming effect of well traveled guide navigating you through ominous terrain.

When The Devil’s Loose will be a bit gloomy for the more carefree amongst us, but is far from a “I hate myself and want to die” album only to be listen to within eyeshot of a box of .451 calibers. Bondy comes off as a familiar sound even from the first time you hear him. After listening to this short release once you’ll no doubt want to start it all over again. This is type of recording that you’re glad to have when your world isn’t playing out like a TBS sitcom.

1. Mightiest Of Guns
2. A Slow Parade
3. When The Devil’s Loose
4. To The Morning
5. Oh The Vampyre
6. I Can See The Pines Are Dancing
7. False River
8. On The Moon
9. The Mercy Wheel
10. The Coal Hits The Fire

A.A. Bondy - When The Devil’s Loose, reviewed by Big Ben on 2009-09-21T12:02:33-07:00 rating 3.9 out of 5

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