7 Seconds Release “My Aim Is You” 7 Seconds Release “My Aim Is You”

image003HOLY SHIT! 7 Seconds is BACK, baby! And yeah, yeah some might point to them for the turn hardcore made from the weirdo loons to the thug chunks of today but when I say them recently, they fucking killed it so whatever with the tattoo free lamentations of punk rock free from the scene because 7 Seconds is what you want anyway. Anger. Energy. Sweat-logged glory. Anyway, the new track (their first in 8 years) is called “My Aim Is You” and is bound to come out on a 7″ on Rise Records in October (but can be preordered in delicious colors and bundles now) but, for now, can be enjoyed in its full “FUCK YEAH!” in the clip we’ve embedded below. Whose night just got amazing?

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