2012 Adult Swim Singles Program (1-6) 2012 Adult Swim Singles Program (1-6)

First of all, I do not really enjoy the programming on Adult Swim. For a time during college, I was into some of the shows but after I graduated the allure of non-sequential cartoons did not interest me. Even though Family Guy has passed my interest plane and Dethklok still induces eye rolls, Adult Swim, as an entity, is still pretty awesome. Enter their singles program. For the past few years, Adult Swim has releases a set of summer singles, for free, via their website. Past contributions have included Madvillian, jj, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Mastodon. Each series comes with outstanding artwork and an air of limited edition. Ohh Jesus, it’s the Radiohead remixes all over again.

06-18 Unknown Mortal Orchestra
06-25 The Hives
07-02 Wye Oak
07-09 Absu
07-16 The Field
07-23 Flying Lotus
07-30 Gauntlet Hair

08-06 Wavves
08-13 Com Truise
08-20 Yamantaka//Sonic Titan
08-27 Elite Gymnastics
09-03 Artist to Be Announced
09-10 Death Grips (bonus)

As seen by the above schedule, we are halfway through the series. Instead of focusing on each single in lucid and excruciating detail, I am splitting the series into six song blocks. At the close of summer I will have another one unless the world melts into a fiery abyss. It should be noted that the Hives’ contribution to this series was a live track for “Go Right Ahead.” This track was obnoxiously hard to find. I only can give so many fucks and I ran out real early with the Hives. Maybe next summer. I have already forgotten about them.

This is my summer gift to you.

If I were to craft a metaphor, I would paint a picture of a rooftop party with Charles, Ben, Lemon, and McHank all playing badmidion praying their shuttlecock doesn’t fall off the side. I have just put on a plate of burgers and the summer never is going to end. I was looking to do a review and 12 of them came to my door. I do not want to turn any of them away except for that useless Hives track. Seriously fuck that band.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I’ll Come Back 4 U

I had no idea this band existed until last year when our fellow writer Brandon wrote a glowing review. That is all I needed. The band’s 2011 self titled debut was odd and oddly infectious. With as much desire in obscuring sound production as urging their listeners to dance modestly, Unknown Mortal Orchestra could be the sound of summer in a dense urban environment. “I’ll Come Back 4 U” does everything the 2011 debut did with its subtle nods to 60’s pop and the legions of the nebulous lo-fi cult. Shuttlecock. High-drag projectile.

Wye Oak – Spiral

The Wye Oak was the honorary state tree of Maryland, and the largest white oak tree in the United States. Wrong page. Wye Oak is an indie folk band from Baltimore Maryland. The band has gained some noteriety with a few tracks being featured in indie films as well as an episode of the Walking Dead. End page. I was taken with this song. The dreamy layering of Jenn Wasner’s guitar extends the parameters of folk into shoegazing and electronic territory. I feel like I have fallen in love, during a David Lynch film. Not the fucked up ones. The sweet ones you take your date to go see.

Flying Lotus (ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Capt. Murphy) – Between Friends

I am not going to even pretend to known Flying Lotus, though I know the name and the reputation. In fact, stories of this producer in the forays of electronic and experimental music have been grand. Shit, his records are released by Warp and his name was being thrown around in the Radiohead remixes. I should already know this. I am sorry. For lack of history, deep insight, and actual information regarding who is on this song, I can only offer my deepest respect for whatever I am hearing. Flying Lotus has always hovered around the hip hop universe in an adjudicated fashion. “Between Friends” arrives with heavy rhymes from Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt. Flying Lotus takes a backseat with subtle yet distant antics in his now famous dislocated fashion. Its cool. Its hip. It’s something I may understand in the future.

Gauntlet Hair -Righteous Black

What? Who? Ohh come on, I haven’t been gone that long. Goddamn it. I wouldn’t be so upset if this song wasn’t so good. Who is the hell is this person? These people. “Righteous Black” sounds like it stepped out of the greatest part of the 1990’s though with enough barbiturates to fuel a hip get together. Who exactly is this band? When did they make their appearance? Why is my grill on fire? Isn’t there some sort of registry or sign in sheet that we can check?

Absu – Hall of Masters

Hahah. Alright I feel like the doors have just snapped closed and the lights have gone completely black. In the shrill of screams we have Absu. This is something I have a history with. Absu is legendary in the field of black metal. More specifically, the band staked their claim early in United States Black Metal with the outstanding 2001 release Tara. For the past few years, the band has been working on a trilogy of records devoted to the Mesopotamia deity of water. That’s right, the doors are locked and no one is getting out alive.

Because I am eagerly awaiting the release of Apsu later this year, I damn near soiled myself when this song was released. Thanks a lot Adult Swim. Now my metal trousers have to be laundered. “Hall of Masters” is the heaviest single out of any of the past series. It is also a kick ass track from one of the coolest black metal bands today. Congratulations, you have managed to impress me but that doesn’t mean you are getting the key to your freedom.

The Field – Comenius Garden

I love the Field like I love my grandmother. I love minimal techno and Kompakt for their devotion in releasing so many great compilations. “Comenius Garden” continues Axel Willner’s vision of a future streamlined and voiceless. For 8 blissful minutes, a midtempo groove coats through tomorrow slowly gathering energy for the test launch. This is 1999 from the minds of 1950. This is yesterday and two days after tomorrow. Fuck it, all this is wonderful.

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