133 words with Charles from Slow Club 133 words with Charles from Slow Club

Right before they took off for SXSW 2010 we caught up with Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, the duo that is Sheffield England’s Slow Club, during a show at Bar Pink in San Diego. After their highly touted 2009 debut Yeah, So?,  Slow Club has been touring the globe at a fever pitch pace. Bringing excitement and levity to music that drips Folk and Blues is easier said than done. Yet for at least a few years before their debut LP it’s been the anything goes live shows that have earned Slow Club a voracious following.

We sent Slow Club off to their next destination with a few questions about recording, the musical landscape in the UK and what we can expect from new material; here is what Charles had to say.

PPM: You released a handful of singles before your full length, some almost two years prior. Was it your initial plan to build momentum toward the full length release? Or was it something that evolved more organically?

Charles: We had planned to make an album but kept writing songs we liked more than the old ones so kept reworking the album as we were touring. It took a long time to make.

PPM: So when you were working on your debut, “Yeah, So?”, I understand you chose to re-record those earlier singles in order to include them on the full length. What were the benefits and potential pitfalls that you saw when making that decision?

Charles: Well i guess we just got more confident working together in the studio and decided we could do a better job than we did before.

PPM: You’ve become quite well known for creating percussion instruments out of unconventional things during your enthusiastic live shows. When it’s time to record how do you bring that same spirit into a studio?

Charles: A bottle of wine is normally a good start.

PPM: It seems like your influences are quite diverse. I’m always curious how music by American artists influences artists from the UK. How heavily do you think the nationality of a musician plays into what you listen to?

Charles: I am not sure nationality has much to do with it. Its just whether it sounds good I guess.

PPM: Is there anything unique about doing shows in the US that you don’t see when you’re doing shows in the UK? What do you miss the most about UK shows when you’re performing here in the States?

Charles: People travel a long way to go to shows in the US, that doesn’t happen so much in the UK

PPM: What was the best band you saw at SXSW that you hadn’t heard of before?

Charles: I didn’t see them at SXSW but Shannon and the Clams.

PPM: What’s the best meal you had on your last trip to the states?


PPM: What environment do you find most conducive for writing music? Do you like to write on the road or do you prefer the comforts of home?

Charles: Home home home

PPM: Have you recorded any new material since the release of “Yeah, So?”? Are there any hints you can give us about what we can expect?

Charles: We are recording demos of new material. No hints

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