Mark Lanegan - Echoplex - 2-9-12 - Music Review - Pinpoint Music

Mark Lanegan – Echoplex – 2-9-12 Mark Lanegan – Echoplex – 2-9-12


Setlist for Mark Lanegan @ Echoplex – 2-9-12:
Can’t Come Down.
Gravedigger’s Song
Bleeding Muddy Water.
Sleep With Me.
Hit The City.
Wedding Dress
Resurrection Song
Harborview Hospital
Quiver Syndrome
One Hundred Days.
Creeping Coastline of Lights.
Riot In My House.
Ode to Sad Disco.
Wish You Well.
St. Louis Elegy
Methamphetamine Blues
Tiny Grain of Truth.
When Yr # Isn’t Up.
One Way Streer.

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