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Japandroids – Heavenward Grand Prix Japandroids – Heavenward Grand Prix

Heavenward Grand Prix

Heavenward Grand Prix

Sticking to their promise,  Japandroids has given us an unreleased song from their first album, Post Nothing, as well as a cover.  What Japandroids has provided is still pure fuzzy punk.  With so many bands influenced by punk these days, many tend to be hit or miss. Japandroids had nailed their first album as it was released to critical acclaim.  While their full length album was a hit, they followed it up with a lackluster No Singles.  There was a spark missing that the duo captured so well in their LP.  Prehaps the new-found attention had King and Prowse over thinking their work.  This new EP is a taste of the direction they are headed and showcases a different side of the band.  Japandroids opts for an emotional sampling of songs for this 7”.  “Heavenward Grand Prix” hits with a wall of sound and chugs along at a consistent pace.  The vocals err on the side of spoken word more than singing.  “Shame” is another slow burner as Japandroids bring plenty of distortion to an otherwise moody song.  Almost identical guitar riffs in both songs sound elementary.  This could be taken as artistic direction but when listened to consecutively, the two blur together in an uninteresting way.  At first listen you could swear you accidentally hit the repeat button because the songs start the same way.  A high level of creativity Japandroids is capable of reaching could have been put to good use to break the two songs up.  Lyrics are very much the focus and gone are the naive moments of just wanting to have a good time that Post Nothing was full of.  You won’t find the frantic pacing many listeners have grown accustomed to.  While these songs are good, they lack the staying power of earlier EPs such as “Younger Us” which in all honesty would be difficult to top.

Original Japandroids Video of “Art Czars” (Their first single in the series of five) Live @ The Casbah San Diego.

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3 Responses about “Japandroids – Heavenward Grand Prix”

  • Charles says:

    Not to be a dick, but “No Singles” was actually a reissue of their first two EPs “All Lies” and “Lullaby Death Jams” which makes it less of a follow up and more of a cashing in.

  • Ben says:

    There was also 2 tracks that were unreleased prior to No Singles that they included right?
    Even talking to those guys they knew they were releasing No Singles for the hard Japandroids only.
    The way they tell it they didn’t even know until a few days before that they wouldn’t have a female lead singer.

  • Charles says:

    HA! Nice. Remember when Japanther had a girl for a hot second? Remember when they weren’t just another pack of Pratt brats?