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Dealer’s Choice – The Aquadolls / Mechanimal / S U R F I N G Dealer’s Choice – The Aquadolls / Mechanimal / S U R F I N G

poker1It would appear that the obsessive heat has finally got to the men of our office. Charles hasn’t worn pants for days (“WORST KIND OF NAKED, FUCKERS! EAT ME!” he like to scream at the interns). The Kap’n’s taken to filling a mansiere with Motel 6 ice chips (a preference he’s assured us has nothing to do with the alarming surge in his Pimm’s Cup intake). And Ben…well, Ben just doesn’t appear to be anything really. It’s kind of amazing. He’s just sitting there in his Seersucker, staring out his brick view “think window” tapping his pinkie gently against the desk. His lips move occasionally, imperceptibly. He hasn’t taken a call in days. Hasn’t appeared to have shifted and yet no madness musk permeates his space. Perhaps the humidity has led him to find his properly ascendent state. Perhaps we’re all dead already. Whatever, I’m on vacation.


aquadollsThe Aquadolls
“Big Headed Alien” from Stoked on You

Sometimes the soft lilt of youth just makes me want to scream bloody murder through my bitter tears, other times it reminds me that inasmuch as I enjoy the idea of gristled statesmen laying waste to the budding delusions of a generation grown of potential that notion’s kinda…um…lame. Rock belongs to the kids and the free and, sometimes even, the pretty. So fuck it, man. The Aquadolls are a sunny daydream off the sea. A cooling breeze. A tender notch in the promise that surf and garage got married, well, and will be making babies, at least, another decade.


“Shnitt” from Mechanimal

Did you ever see Dogtooth? You should, man. That movie was unsettling as fuck. Like those Dogma jerks taking a Haneke trip through the dark portents of Albee’s domestic absurdity. It was Greek. Nominated for an Academy Award. Lost. Bullshit. Anyway, there’s a quick parallel to be found between the twisted wonder of the film and the post ambient nightmare that is Mechanimal. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much time to lapse into a dissertation here so please just trust me when I tell you both that film and this band reward patient consideration, social unrest and cracked sexuality with…um…just trust me, okay?


a3647547075_10S U R F I N G
“Sky High” from Deep Fantasy

There is no shortage of hazy cassette electronic out there. While the market for chillwave, glo-fi, or time warp maybe flooded, it does not negate the probability that you will love most of it. Enter S U R F I N G and their 2012 cassette Deep Fantasy. I am going to admit I am sort of in the dark what is going on. Through some combination of tape loop, sample, and overdubbed guitar, Surfing produces a record full of stoned vignettes to an air conditioned beach house circa 1987. These memories are sloshed with lusting nostalgia and narcotic distance which toes the line between created, borrowed, and trans-dimensional. I think they are from Australia and perhaps actually a band instead of bedroom project. Everything is sort of blurry but so warm and euphoric.


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